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Slick Pusha was in Salt Lake City, Utah for the “Mountain Mansion Party”, an event hosted by local celebrity HBK Zachery. Emo Gang Records artists Mikey Polo and 59 Beef also made celebrity appearances at the wild event. While there for the weekend, they teamed up with company Display Entertainment and shot several music videos in Utah. In a place where merely a handful of mainstream music videos have been shot, Mikey Polo’s The Breakup and Slick Pusha & 59 Beef’s Perk Palace add to the count. But it was Slick Pusha’s video to the song Reload that has really caught local publicity…

Inside City Creek Mall parking garage, Slick Pusha is seen hanging out of a car’s sunroof with a gun as 59 Beef recklessly drifts around while flashing money. Something that may not raise a brow in New York… has caught the attention of corporate high-ups in Utah. City Creek Mall is a privately-owned business by The Church of Latter-Day Saints, and the mall claims to strictly follow their Rules of Conduct that strive to keep a clean and pure public image. This music video does not seem to fit the guidelines, as several attempts to remove it have been made for both- violating several Rules of Conduct, and for filming on private property without permission.

Well… Slick Pusha wasn’t lying in his lyrics when he said, “I BROUGHT MY STICK IN THIS B*TXH”.

Do you think the video should stay up? Or Come down? Share your thoughts and make sure to watch “RELOAD” by Slick Pusha!









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