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UNOFEX – The Exclusive Platform And Network Opens New Ways For The Film, TV, Fashion, And Art Industry

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When it comes to the Film, TV and Art industry, an organization is getting more and more attention globally. Award-winning actors, actresses, filmmakers, artists, designers and leaders already joined and are part of the community. We’re talking about the prestigious UNOFEX platform formed in 2017 by the tech and entertainment entrepreneur Deivis H Valdes, as a professional community for individuals and brands working in the Film, TV, Fashion, and Art industry. The acronym UNOFEX stands for Union of Excellence.

The UNOFEX’s fundamental aim is to promote its members and their respective industries’ works. Various filmmakers, TV directors, and fashion show organizers check the UNOFEX listed professionals to hire new and established talents. 

For example, if a young and talented film actor has a Film membership with UNOFEX, they have a greater chance of getting signed by filmmakers.

UNOFEX also gives global recognition to Artists, Creatives, Film & TV institutions, and Fashion Professionals in the form of Accreditations. Members are given accreditation badges to showcase in their portfolio and get validation from the organization.

UNOFEX is also known for organizing exclusive members events around the world. Various known faces from the entertainment and fashion industry take part in these events. It is a great place to extend your professional network and get your hands on what could be a life-changing opportunity. 

The members of UNOFEX get exclusive invitations to events like the UNOFEX International Film Awards, Cannes Film Festival Parties, Sponsorship Opportunities, and others.

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Picture: UNOFEX International Film Awards 2020

Being a member of this prestigious network opens many doors of opportunities for professionals. Let’s check out why its memberships are in demand:

Professionals having a Film Membership, Fashion Membership, Art Membership or any membership at all get their dedicated profiles listed on UNOFEX’s website. Their profiles get written and proofread by professional editors. If you become a member, you can showcase your work on your profile to get instant exposure to the interested parties. 

Members get exclusive access to a private members area and members forum, which is used to communicate between members. Members area is a fantastic place to hang out with like-minded people and grow your professional network digitally. 

Being a member of the Union of Excellence increases market visibility and provides multiple professional opportunities. Many case studies prove that entertainment and fashion communities worldwide use UNOFEX to reach out to talented professionals. If you work in the film industry and struggling to make it big, take a Film Membership at UNOFEX, and you might get an opportunity.

Members also get invited to several international events organized by UNOFEX. These events take place at some of the most glorious places in the US and Europe. They manage a wide range of events such as fashion shows, film festivals, award ceremonies, art exhibitions, and many more. These exclusive gatherings help professional entertainers and artists to grow their network and take advantage of the opportunities. 

UNOFEX members also get an opportunity to apply for the UNOFEX standards of excellence, a global quality certification. Once accredited, they get an accreditation badge that they can use on their portfolios and other websites. 

UNOFEX offers three levels of memberships – Individual Membership ($280 per year), Corporate Membership ($1,000 per year), and Patron Level Membership ($2,000 per year). Becoming a member of this exclusive community of professionals working in the Film, TV, Fashion, Art, and Entertainment industry has many perks. If you don’t wish to miss any possible opportunity, you should try becoming a member.

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