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How Shooting Visuals are Aiding the Success of Ranko Fly’s Music.

Toronto Rapper Ranko Fly revealed in a personal interview that he strives to embed his music with “that good music feeling. That relatable feeling. That feeling that anyone can make it work with hard work and dedication. I want listeners to see where I came from and how I worked my way to success.” His gritty street grime rap and collaborations with international artists grab global attention. And, visuals shot across Canada, the US, and the UK accompany the lyrical bars that represent hip hop in its truest form.

Ranko Fly is an independent artist but works with a variety of producers including international. Some of these include @smokeshopstudio, @prod.rosegold, @chrisrichbeats, @lowkeydamian, and @yonaskbeatz. His newest singles have been released alongside professional visuals that captivate listeners’ ears and eyes. “Barz Ova Bagdad” is the first and it features UK artist Stormmillian out of London and is produced by RoseGold. His most recent single is titled “OH MY” and features Yung Caesar.

This up-and-coming artist is bringing consistent hits, energy, and flow to the industry as commits every day to “making ends meet, promoting my music, traveling to new cities and countries, writing, recording, shooting new visuals, and always keeping busy”.

You can listen to Ranko Fly here, and follow him on Instagram here.

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