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From TV Reporter to Six-Figure Entrepreneur – How Charisse Yu Made It Happen

If you don’t know her, Charisse Yu used to be a TV reporter and journalist who worked for networks like ABC, CBS, and CNN. She was even nominated for an Emmy award. After nearly a decade in the business, she changed careers and dabbled into food blogging.

Charisse is not one to sit around all day on the couch eating bonbons, although she could whip up a batch if you asked her to! Today, she is a successful six-figure entrepreneur who has been an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of her fans.

How did Charisse become so successful doing what she loved? Starting out, she mainly focused on creating meals for her kids. In fact, her original food project was called Easy Toddler Meals. As the name suggests, it revolved around simple and easy meals that notoriously-picky toddlers would scarf down. She was determined to line up her passion with her purpose. She wanted to make sure her kids ate healthy from the start and pass on that goal to others.

Today, she shares food and fun inspiration, with all recipes being kid-approved. Her Instagram and Pinterest pages, as well as her blog, showcase all of the creative meals she has made using her recipes. She originally received recipes passed down from her family and wanted to share them with the world. This way, others could enjoy the delicious cuisine she has enjoyed her entire life.

With her blog and social media pages, her goal is to inspire others to create meals that are easy to make, healthy to eat, creative, and budget-friendly. This has resonated with many, given her nearly 400,000 followers on Instagram and one million monthly viewers on Pinterest.

Becoming an entrepreneur for Charisse wasn’t that difficult. She was already able to communicate effectively thanks to her time as a reporter and journalist. She also already had amazing recipes she could share with the world. However, she wasn’t satisfied with just raising her kids and sharing recipes with the world. She also wanted to make an even bigger impact. That’s why she decided to run a vocational medical school. This foray into the health education field would be a way for her to expand her influence in a way that was near and dear to her heart.

All of the hard work she put into everything is now paying off. By being an affiliate for products that help improve peoples’ lives, she has been able to provide an easier life for her family. If you want some inspiration and lifestyle advice, then head over to Charisse’s Instagram and Pinterest pages, or take a look at her blog.

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