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The first Palestinian American to capture the National title of Miss Supreme America 2021, Randa Taha

Randa Taha was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. When she was 14, she moved to Amman, Jordan with her family where she became fluent in the Arabic language. At the age of 17, Randa moved back to the United States in order to attend the University of Dallas where she majored in Biology.

Born into a Palestinian American family, Randa learned early that family is the most important part of life. Her love of family is what inspired Randa to enter into the world of pageantry. To Randa, friends are like family.

Randa captured the national Title of Miss Supreme America 2021 in May 2020. With her title and her influence on social media, she was able to start a non-profit organization to help support students with student loan debt. With over 990 students who signed up on her website , Randa’s goal is “to help as many students become debt free “as she believes that “college should never be a burden on anyone”.

For Randa winning Miss Supreme America is a dream come true. But it was not for the reason that most may think. The beautiful crown and banner she wears are nice but her mission is much deeper than the surface. Randa continues to help others on social media. She is determined to make the most of her title and allow these opportunities awarded to her to help those who really need it. Randa continues to grow her brand on both Instagram, where she has over 18,000 followers, and on Tiktok, where she has 110,000 followers.

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