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realjamesh launches ‘Verified Handles’ service to combat impersonation

The 15-year-old former musician has a long history of issues with impersonation and now uses new role at JEM Media to launch first of its kind service to combat the issue.

James, like many online personalities, suffers as result of impersonation where people create duplicate user accounts to that of the public figures in an attempt to mislead followers to follow their fake account instead of the real account. Social platforms have attempted to lessen the issue, from verification ticks to removing fake accounts, however these methods aren’t always effective and take time to implement. Also, certain platforms may not have systems such as verification or an active community support team so an alternate method to combat these issues was needed.

The new service offered by JEM Media describes itself as a ‘way to confirm your presence online’ so ‘your audience knows it’s you,’ taken from the newly launched website. realjamesh has a page on the site which we based the looks off.

So what does a page for a person (or company) look like?

There’s a ‘Primary Socials’ section beneath a picture of the entity which contains 3 socials complete with a handle (guessing that’s where the name came from) and a web link to the social page. In James’s case his three top socials are YouTube, Instagram and Triller; all three of which have either a link or handle of the official profile. If a profile has the verification status on a social platform, then a blue tick will also be displayed on the Verified Handles page.

Next on the page is a ‘Latest News’ section where notable articles are linked although when we wrote this article the last update to that section was August. Lastly there’s ‘Other Socials’ and ‘More Socials’ sections where less used but still existing social profiles are listed.

The idea then is that almost like a link tree page you could link the page on your socials so that fans can switch between socials. At the Los Angeles Tribune, we visited the application page and could see that proof of identity or ownership of the entity was required in order for a page to be made and hosted on the site. Verified Handles pages could become the next way of verifying social pages so they have to only be created and managed by the entity themselves.

How much does the service cost?

Many people have been rightly asking this question on social media and so have we, a page like the one for realjamesh is the first of its kind and could become a highly visited resource. For this reason, it would make sense for JEM Media to charge people for the service, perhaps on a monthly basis like a subscription service. The first place we looked was the example page for the company themselves which is mostly blank and demonstrates the most likely use case, a page for a person or company. However, the only hint at how to get a page for yourself is a contact link at the bottom asking people to contact them via email if they want their own page. There was also a link to their applications process although this gave the impression of full management or even a record label type agreement. We’ll have to wait and see if JEM releases an application form similar to that mentioned above but for a Verified Handles page.

James is yet to publicly announce the service as he hasn’t shared any details on his highly followed social media accounts so it looks like the service is still in its testing stage.

We’ll keep an eye on James’s and JEM’s socials for an announcement and maybe even consider a page for ourselves, depending on the price of course! We think this is a revolutionary service that will help many. You can visit JEM’s homepage which contains links to everything described in this article here.

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