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Danny “King of Indie” Love

With seventeen years of experience in the music business, Danny Love is no stranger to the game and the ties of the music industry. Equipped with tons of knowledge that comes from his residence in Flatbush, New York, Danny Love is claimed as the “King of Indie”, and he holds this name well. With his track record of success, being the “King of Indie” is a well-deserved title.

Equipped with an “All Gas, No Breaks” mentality and the mindset of constantly chasing the next success in his life, Love has been a huge name in the music business. Alongside finding success within him and his goals, he helps indie artists reach their dreams as well.

By giving artists a chance to reach their milestone goals, Love has nothing but respect from the people he helps. From artists who are just starting out to those looking for their next burst of fame and inspiration, Love is there to help. He says it’s more than just finding success in yourself. However, once you find that success, it says to help others find it as well. Helping so many others win as allowed his name to shine with nothing but gratitude from those he has helped out along the way. Equipped with his earnings, Love does not hold on to any secrets. He hopes for everyone to find their own success doing the things they love – just like he did.

You can keep up with Danny “King of Indie” Love on Instagram here and find his official website for all your needs here

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