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Trend of Refurbished iPhones is Booming in Global Market

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Majority of the smartphone users are tempted to buy a brand-new phone at a high cost, while the cost could be reduced to a significant amount with the purchase of a refurbished iPhone. Not only iPhones, but you can buy almost every smartphone by top smartphone manufacturers in refurbished condition. Just a few years back, the concept of refurbished iPhones was only limited to the Chinese market. The cost-saving approach started international markets, too, as the refurbished devices were not only cheaper but durable too. The success rate was pretty high, and quality services led to increased trust by the public for refurbished devices.

Green Initiative by Allo Allo

Icon Globe Trade Co. LTD is the parent company behind this service provider. Allo Allo is the only online platform that offers direct refurbished electronics and smartphones to the users. Millions of phones are discarded by the owners after minimal use, and mobile waste is causing disastrous damage to the environment. This business initiative takes care of these slightly faulty devices and prepares the iPhone with OEM component replacements for resale.

Only 16% of electronic waste is recycled or refurbished. This alarming situation calls for the companies to start investing in their resources for the safety of the environment.

Are Refurbished iPhones worthy of Investment?

Allo Allo is offering refurbished iPhones with premium finishing and finest quality in more than 70 countries and currently working on expanding the services to the global market. The idea is to give new life to the used phones so the users can purchase the refurbished phones with peace of mind and premium-quality hardware. At first glance, no one would be able to distinguish between new phones and refurbished iPhones. As the phones are not brand-new, you can easily get one for an exceptionally lower price. The overall performance and build quality of refurbished phones can compete with the new phone but cost way less than the new one.

Refurbished and Used Devices are not the same

Most of the users tend to think of refurbished mobiles as they used or second-hand devices. Well, the used devices are in the personal use of the buyer for a long time, and now the device has lost its original performance and potential. There may or may not be an issue with the device, but a performance issue is inevitable. When we talk about refurbished smartphones, these devices are returned to the seller right after the purchase. Most of the phones are sent to the seller for a warranty claim or simple repairs. These devices are thoroughly diagnosed and repaired before putting on sale.

Allo Allo only offers premium quality iPhones with no trace of repairing or replacement. All refurbished devices come with a limited-time warranty, and you will get the exact same feel as the original device. Users can save huge investments with the purchase of refurbished phones. With a strong presence in the US and European markets, the public interest is increasing in different regions of the world.

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