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Make Up Artist Remi Odunsi Talks COV-19 & Taking Beauty Back to Basics

2020 has been quite the shake-up year for industries in every sector. Businesses around the world have scrambled to keep up with an ever-changing landscape of uncertainty.

Enforced lockdowns have introduced a paradigm shift for beauty brands everywhere.

We sat down with industry insider Remi Odunsi to learn more.

Q – From the consumer’s perspective, how do you think the beauty industry has pivoted in 2020?

I think luxury cosmetics brands have really had the chance to bloom this year. One would think that they’d be some of the hardest hit, as it’s tough to justify splurging on expensive makeup when stuck in the house. However, ​cosmetics include skincare,haircare, and fragrance too. People still want to smell good, look good, and feel good even when they’re at home, so ​I think the value proposition for luxury cosmetics is still quite strong at the moment.”

Q – Where do you think the beauty industry is headed?

Self-care is huge right now and I only see that continuing to grow. With the mandate for face coverings, there has definitely been a return to skin. Also, there’s a lot less stigma around men taking care of themselves than there used to be, so I think there’s also been growth in the market there. I ​think the ​focus ​is shifting towards premium quality and organic ingredients​.

Q – Have lockdowns affected consumers’ attitudes to beauty?

We’ve all had plenty of time for introspection in 2020 and that definitely includes appearance. A lot of us have been cooped up inside with wayyy too many mirrors for company. How that affects you depends on the type of person you are.

I’ve seen a lot of people getting back in touch with their natural beauty. For some people, celebrating what they have feels more worthwhile than chasing what they don’t.”

Q – So makeup and all the extras are out?:

Of course not! Like I said, it depends what you’re looking for. For some people, it’s about reassessing what beauty really means to them. Makeup is a wonderful way to celebrate who you are.

As for trends, it goes both ways. Either people are going super natural or they’re going ham and playing with all the looks. It’s super easy to look pulled together when your skin, brows and lashes are groomed. I think lashes, brows and skincare are three areas that can quite effortlessly maximize a person’s potential.”

That said, there’s a huge number of people willing to experiment with new looks during lockdown and that’s so exciting. That’s definitely one positive I think we can glean from such a challenging year. If ever there was a time to try out a new look, this is it.”

Remi Odunsi​ is a Manhattan-based hair and makeup artist who specializes in photography and video production. Her work focuses on positive representation and diversity in beauty and has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, W magazine, Vanity Fair and American Vogue.

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