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EDM Fans Are Talking About DJ PositiveVibes New Song “Dark Winter Nights”

With the last two releases by “DJ PositiveVibes” having wholesome titles like “My Best Friend” and “Good Mood”, she began to become predictable in that her next title would be similar. Throwing everyone for a loop, the DJ’s third single was titled “Dark Winter Nights” which has brought another flavor to her repertoire.

Still sticking to her overall mission to elevate her listeners, “Dark Winter Night” arguably is her best track at that. Jam packed full of energy throughout the whole track, it is clear DJ PositiveVibes is getting better and better. While listening you will hear a full assortment of different sounds and vocal effects all happening at different times in succession.

DJ PositivesVibes has taken her new release “Dark Winter Nights” and turned it into the flagship track of her career thus far. Showing her true production skills and diversity in sound, no one in the EDM music scene will ever put her in a box again.

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