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AD4M: A Company Generating a Million Dollars per Month in Pandemic

2020 has been a very difficult year for new entrepreneurs. Aside from the general difficulties of growing a company with the advent of so much new tech and automation, the COVID-19 crisis has been an absolute nightmare for new companies. For companies in the service sector, like airlines, gyms, and more, this is particularly true.

AD4M is one of the world’s fastest-growing gym equipment manufacturers with estimated sales of $10 million this year – even in their first year of start-up. It has its headquarters in Casper, Wyoming, and a distribution center in San Jose, California.

The rise of AD4M

After the closing in spring, the empty American gyms call the conscientious public out for a training session. To win the trust of careful users, owners have introduced a range of coronavirus prevention steps – and now advertise them. Around the same time, the fitness sector attempts to restore itself to what it views as a distorted account of the fact that gyms are not safe in a pandemic.

In the early months of the outbreak of coronavirus, several health officials told to close gyms because they were cautious and may spread the virus even more. The states ordered to shut the fitness facilities and restaurants, movie theaters, and bars as the infections spread throughout the world. State and local authorities have long labeled fitness centers as bars and night clubs, which pose a high risk of infection.

AD4M Fitness offers gyms that have been affected by the economic crisis of 2020, such as a barbed wand and dumbbells at reduced rates. Gyms have been hit by declines in attendance and equipment shortages are being affected while producers shut their doors.

In addition to starting a business and transforming into a successful company despite the pandemic and rising the company to more than $1 million a month in sales, AD4M Fitness has defeated the global crisis in a simply spectacular manner.


Established by Vincent and Monika, a lovely husband-and-wife combo, AD4M Fitness combines two sectors in a way nobody could expect in one. Based on the deep production and distribution experience of Monika (Vincent’s wife), AD4M has created an unbelievable manufacturing process. A steel manufacturer originally focusing on car parts partnered with Vincent and Monika and proposed to start the production of Olympic-style cast iron weighing plates using equivalent raw substances and vehicle parts equipment. Vincent and Monika also proposed a project. This brilliant move allowed them to build fitness facilities at much-reduced rates and generated a demand spike.

It was a unique and untraditional method to build their first line of equipment. As the AD4M was early in its career, Vincent and Monika came up with a steel company in the foreign countries that had built car parts and negotiated to manufacture cast-iron weightlifting plates in the Olympic theme.

As a result of this move from car to the gym for the manufacturer, AD4M Fitness encountered a sharp curve in demand because it became one of a small few large companies that had ship-to-related products in stock. Often the keys to the growth of demand in a country of national emergency are pure creativity and an unforeseen genius distribution change. The latest best-selling AD4M workout facilities are its cast iron Olympic plates and its flexible Flex Bell dumbbells.

It should also be noted that this is a gym equipment business originally manufactured by a maker of car parts. The prices are far better than other providers of fitness equipment who also offer premium products for fitness centers, especially for fitness centers within the COVID-19 environment. AD4M Fitness has dominated the competitive market, even though gyms experienced a decline in membership while suffering from an equipment shortage (since manufacturers have closed their doors).

Vincent and Monika’s journey

Vincent and Monika talked to journalists and revealed their success story. My wife & I have taken up all manner of new challenges with the manufacture and importation of equipment from abroad and are addressing the logistical challenges of supplying 400-500 orders every day in the US. Fortunately, we all have five big goods. When this happens, the sky will be the limit [We have a new line in fitness, powerlifting, and good human activities sponsoring, and a line [in the work] of athletic wear. To create value and public interest in our Brand, we plan to exploit our early success. The long-term goal will certainly be to build and make public production in the US.”

As explained to Medium by Vincent and Monika:

“First of all, helping customers and satisfaction. We also intend to introduce the best brand recognition, the fitness industry has ever seen a marketing campaign. We believe it is very important to communicate with your customer so we would like to develop an active social media presence, and take people to see what we are all about.”

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