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Principles of Success from Entrepreneur Mario Sarceno

Born storyteller Mario Sarceno knows every entrepreneur has a compelling tale to share with the world, and that’s exactly why he launched Outbrand, the PR firm that helps entrepreneurs make their mark in the world.

Behind every success story, there are principles that anybody can follow if they are committed to building their business. While speaking to Mario in a recent interview, these are some of the principles we identified have helped this entrepreneur rise in success and how he’s helping others do the same.

Define Your Unique Story

“We help companies, non-profits and others to uncover the powerful narratives that help people understand the reasons behind why they launched, and we work hand-in-hand with our clients to turn these stories into items that are impossible for major publications to not pick up,” says Mario, who founded his growing company in October 2019 during his time at college.

Through his company, Mario uses his seasoned team of marketers and creatives to help companies and others to craft stories that media companies can’t resist. In turn, this helps Outbrand’s burgeoning list of clients establish themselves front and center of their fields.

Commit to Your Purpose

The idea for Outbrand came to Mario while he was studying communication and media at Brigham Young University in Idaho. The concept that everybody, in their own way, is a pioneer in their industry but not everybody is given the opportunity to share their story was too powerful to ignore. And so he left college to launch his company, Outbrand. “I could not sit and wait until I graduated and landed a job to start helping people share their story with the world. I’m antsy when I have to wait, and my antsy-ness really has paid off in the long-run,” he says, pointing to the success of his ever-expanding client base.

Go Big

“Here is how I see it — for every story we publish, a movement gains momentum. Every person’s all about starting their own movement. Every person’s deepest subconscious desire is to start a movement. The impact we make on others and in the world gives us a sense of fulfillment that we can’t find anywhere else. What we do at Outbrand is amplify their purpose in a grand way that helps them establish authority and get that exposure their movement deserves,” Mario says.

And that client base prioritizes “good-hearted, driven entrepreneurs and professionals who are committed to making their impact and leaving their mark on the world,” he adds.

Outbrand is also helping certain organizations, primarily non-profits, by donating PR services for free to help them gain more publicity and coverage for their altruistic efforts.

Don’t Wait

Mario says that the work Outbrand does is just as rewarding for him personally as it is for his clients professionally, seeing it as proof that leaving college was the right move.

“I couldn’t wait to pursue what I wanted to do. I started Outbrand in college because I didn’t want to wait four whole years to helping people share their story. I dropped out when I realized that I had created my ideal career. If I had waited to graduate or to land my dream role, I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t have met the inspiring people I’ve been able to help publish,” he says.

“Opportunities go to those who create them.”

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