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The Skill You Need For Business Success Moving Forward Isn’t The One You Think

Since the last decade, the entrepreneurship world has changed radically and one skill more than any other is needed to thrive.

By Leandre Larouche

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have been forced to move to an online model and many former employees became their own boss. The current technologies available make entrepreneurship more accessible than ever before, and the uncertainty of the situation creates incentives for us to become entrepreneurs.

Now, the question is: how can you ensure your success as an entrepreneur? How can you stand out from the crowd? The answer is, without a doubt, writing. If you are an entrepreneur and you want a competitive edge, you need great writing skills and a platform to share your vision and knowledge. 

Taylor Welch, the co-founder of Traffic & Funnels, a multi-million dollar online business created in 2015, said in a podcast that we are in the era of leadership. The 1960s were the era of products. The 1980s and 1990s were the era of opportunities, and the 2000s were the era of problem-solving.

Since the past decade, however, business is no longer simply about products, opportunities, and problem-solving. While these elements remain the foundation of any sound business model, they are not enough to make you stand from the competition. You need to be the leader in your field to dominate the market.

Writing Leads to Leadership

How do you become a great leader? First, you need to be articulate, courageous, and trustworthy. These are qualities easily developed through writing. Writing helps you clarify your ideas because it requires more order than when you speak. Plus, for your writing to be interesting for your reader, you need to write well and to be persuasive.

The more articulate you become in writing, the more articulate you become in speaking as well. Furthermore, the action of writing — which asks for careful consideration of content, form, and structure — is both demanding and humbling. By laying your thoughts on paper and publishing them, you are making yourself vulnerable.

Not only are you making yourself vulnerable when you write and publish, but you are also showing the world you are serious enough to take stances, sharing them, and defending them if needed. Of course, this can bring controversy to your door — but controversial leaders are greatly rewarded for their courage.

Attention Isn’t Enough.

It has been said that attention is the new currency. Although this statement is true, attention alone does not sustain business on the long-term. Once you have people’s attention, you need to keep their attention and serve them with something meaningful. You can’t let your audience down and risk being seen as shallow.

Take Tony Robbins, for example. His authority partly depends on his status as a bestselling author. His marketing catches his audience’s attention, but he is known as a serious writer, thinker, and speaker. He leads a multi-billion industry, the personal development industry.

If you want to become a leader in your field and make your business stand out, you need to start thinking as a writer and not simply as a marketer. You need to think outside the box, develop intellectual property, and express your ideas in a compelling way to position yourself as an original and creative thought leader.

Few people are willing to admit it, but a great business strategy depends on your capacity to communicate in writing. Study how language works and how ideas are structured. Package your ideas into compelling concepts and write a book on them, which you can use to promote your business and your personal brand.

Writing is the skill needed for business success moving forward.

Become a Great Writer and Leader

Leandre Larouche coaches experts and entrepreneurs with their writing so they can thrive in their business and stand out from the crowd. If you’d like to accelerate your learning journey and write a compelling book in 4 months or less, steal his free resources at 

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