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Callhounds – A startup from The Philippines that is revolutionizing the world of BPOs

There is a rising demand and interest in BPO (Business process outsourcing). If you are a business owner and have heard someone suggest that you should go for a BPO, then that might actually be a good suggestion especially in the backdrop of COVID-19 where most businesses are in dire straits. BPOs are an effective way to save yourself some money and ensure that the productivity of your team gets a boost.

Think of it like taking the boring but necessary bits out of your work schedule and instead focus on what your core competencies are. A skilled worker with knowledge about a specific operation makes about $65k per year and yet spends more than 40% of their time at work doing repetitive mundane tasks. Business process outsourcing is a way for you to get rid of this extra weight that your employees always have to carry around and you even save money by doing so. Let us take a deeper dive into what business process outsourcing really is, and how you can benefit from it.

What is BPO?

There are several activities and tasks that need to be repeated every day to ensure the smooth functioning of your business. The important question that you need to ask yourself here is that do these activities utilize the skill sets and core knowledge competencies of your staff? Are they really being productive and applying themselves when they are performing these tasks?

It is one of the pain points of working an office job. No matter what job you choose, you will still have to deal with repetitive tasks and menial activities that almost act like a pre-requisite to your main job. Without first getting these uninspiring and mundane tasks out of the way, you just can not get to what you were hired to do. This takes the fun and productivity out of any job. I mean think about it, when you have to run through several tasks that have nothing to do with your core knowledge competencies will you not feel bogged down and drained before you even get to the main task?

This is the precise reason why BPO exists in the first place. Business process outsourcing can free up a whole chunk of your employee’s schedule and to-do-list. A third party like Callhounds Global provides you with thoroughly vetted, competent and low-cost offshore workers that will take care of all of these menial tasks that need to get done but at a fraction of the cost that you are paying right now and more importantly by doing this you will increase the productivity of your staff.

There is often a confusion between traditional outsourcing and BPO. While the idea might be somewhat similar, but these two are different things entirely. While conventional outsourcing allows you to hire someone offshore to do a job for you, for example, hiring a social media manager who works from offshore. BPO refers to outsourcing a complete function or branch of your business; for example, you can give the contract for your email marketing department to a BPO.

What can a BPO do for you?

A BPO can do almost anything that you want for you. For the sake of understanding, let’s divide everyday office tasks into two categories back end and front end. Back end tasks might include contract creation, headhunting, inventory management, recruitment, and legal agreements. Front end tasks might mean call list building, client management and lead generation. You can have a BPO take care of any or all of these tasks for you. With all of these essential but mundane tasks now being taken care of without becoming a burden, your team can focus on what their core skill competencies are and be more productive.

Some of the most popular solutions that Callhounds Global is providing are Customer Services, Accounting, Payroll, Human Resources Management, Marketing, and many more.

Callhounds Global also offers call centre solutions to different businesses located not just in the US and Canada but all over the world. These call centre solutions range from Telemarketing, Telesales, Customer Support, Tech Support, Chat, and Email support, and many more.

Callhounds Global Founder and CEO, Harold Bautista said “As the world becomes more complex and challenging, businesses need to adapt faster than ever. They need to find solutions that will help them keep their company growing and less vulnerable to unexpected challenges like the Corona Virus. Callhounds Global offers outsourcing solutions to help businesses save costs, increase their efficiency, and help them focus on their core areas.”

What are the benefits of business process outsourcing?

It all comes down to what going for a BPO can offer your business and how it can benefit your company. There are several advantages that a BPO can offer you:

  1. Save time – Perhaps the biggest and most important advantage that you get with a BPO is that things can get done faster. Time is money, right? You will be able to save yourself a lot of time by freeing up more hours of your employees to focus on the task that they were hired for. This can only happen when a reliable third party is taking care of all the tedious and mundane tasks that ensure the smooth functioning of your business. Knowledge workers who are the most valuable part of any organization will no longer be weighed down with these tasks and instead will have more time and energy to focus on what their core responsibilities are. In simple terms, you will be able to complete projects in less time, take on more work, and your employees will be functioning to the best of their creative and productive ability. Another thing worth mentioning here is that this will also have a positive effect on the morale and overall satisfaction of your team; this a major factor that helps boost productivity.

  2. Save money – Let’s not kid ourselves, BPO can help you save a lot of money, and that is perhaps the most attractive aspect of it. When you contract a BPO, you cut down the cost of manpower by a huge margin. The processes of onboarding, training, and hiring are taken off your hands. And this is all going to save you a lot of money. It also saves your employees from getting stretched too thin and be their most productive. The money that you save by contracting a BPO can be used to grow your business. Instead of struggling with mundane problems and spend considerable amounts of time and capital in trying to resolve them on a daily basis, BPO helps you focus on what really matters. BPO is also a great choice for companies that are struggling financially and need to allocate their resources wisely. The compensation that you will have to pay an on-site employee is going to be much lower when you go with a BPO. In short, it improves your bottom line.

  3. Scalability – If you use BPO effectively and find a reliable partner, you don’t have to worry about the costs that are associated with scaling your business. What would be more ideal than having your expenses grow minimally while your company grows at a rapid pace? One of the main factors that hinder the growth of a company are the costs that come with having to manage a larger setup. BPO is the perfect solution for this. If you are looking to take on more projects and grow the size of your operations quickly then, BPO is the best option for you to do that while reducing the risk and minimizing the costs that come with expansion.

  4. Project-based manpower – It is inevitable that you are going to end up with a project that is going to require you to hire more manpower. If you do this the traditional way, you are going to end up with more employees than you need once the project ends. Even if you go for contractual employees, the cost that is going to come with hiring, training, and onboarding will be significant. This is where BPO shows its value. You can set the workflow and timelines for your BPO contractor as you please, and it is the headache of the contractor to make sure that your work gets done. This makes doing larger projects seamless and easy.

  5. Compete with larger companies – If you are a small or medium-sized business, then you might have wondered that how can you best compete with larger businesses that have more resources and manpower. Well, BPO is the answer to your worries. It can help you compete with larger organizations and in some cases, even give you an advantage over them. You might be able to outprice them since your cost of operations will be much lower than theirs. This will give you a major competitive edge when it comes to getting new clients. If you utilize BPO to its full potential, you can scale your business and get ahead of your competitors without having to worry about manpower and resources.

How Callhounds Global works?

With Callhounds Global, you can automate the operations of your business effectively and painlessly. Imagine that you don’t have to worry about targeting, prospecting and lead generation ever again. All of this gets done in the background seamlessly while you focus on how you can take your business to the next level.

Got a new project that requires extra manpower don’t worry Callhounds Global has you covered. We give you the ability to set the workflow and timelines; it is our job to meet them. You can set and maintain better prospecting sales and targeting goals with an experienced BPO partner like us. We will build a system that is specific to your demands and make sure that it works like a dream. We are huge believers in technology which is why we integrate the latest technologies in all of our projects and make sure that you are up to date with the progress that is being made with your work at all times.

Once the unique system that we have designed for your needs is set up, we make sure that you get the most value for your money by hiring professionals who are highly-skilled and low-cost at the same time, which means that your work gets done in the most competent manner and in your budget. The best part is that you will still have complete control over what we do. You will be able to see everything that we are doing digitally, and you can request any changes or additional work that you want to be done at any time. You will be made aware of all the tasks related to your business that are going on at any particular day. You can check on their status and ask any questions that you may have at any hour. We are always there for you.

There are several advantages to working with a BPO, but you have to make sure that you find the right partner. We at Callhounds Global pride ourselves in providing the best BPO services anywhere in the world if you want to learn more about what we can do for your business click here.

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