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You are the Toolbox – The Journey-Centered Life

Asset… or crutch?

I spent two hours on the phone with her, the woman trying to sell me her foolproof hypnosis system that would make me rich.

I wasn’t convinced. Though it sounded good, there was some nagging feeling that it wasn’t the time or place to say yes.

“Don’t you want another tool for your toolbox??” she asked. And normally, yes, I would. Because more tools make us more valuable, right? More prepared. More worthy.

But then Spirit spoke, clear as day. I asked myself her question and the answer came:

You ARE the toolbox. 

It was a moment like the scene in The Matrix: there is no spoon. I felt like Neo. My world shifted and I immediately knew what to do.

“No thank you,” I said, “I am all I need.”

Before I became an Energy Healing Transformation Coach, I spent ten years as a resume writer. I have worked with close to a thousand people, creating thirteen hundred resumes across all fields and levels. Over and over, I hear people say that they can’t get the job they want until they get this certification, that degree, and so on. And in the corporate world, to some extent, that can be true: employers can get hung up on titles and certifications, often overlooking marvelous professionals with extensive, real life experience.

In the spiritual world, the pattern is the same: healers have dozens of certifications in many modalities, sinking thousands of dollars into someone else’s ideas, systems, and philosophies. But there comes a point where the need to add more letters after one’s name becomes a hindrance, a crutch, and an excuse not to excel.

“I can’t be in the role I want because no one will hire me without a master’s degree and I can’t get a master’s degree because because because.”

“I need to be certified in more modalities because other healers have more knowledge (and therefore more value) than me. I can’t launch my website until I have more letters after my name.”

“I need to add more tools to my toolbox because I might be confronted with a problem I don’t know how to solve… and I will fail.”

Friend, you ARE the toolbox.

Yes, learn. Yes, get certifications – if they inspire and ignite you. Learning is powerful and expanding if it meets those criteria. But it’s the learning that benefits you, not the piece of paper you print out at the end. And ultimately, the most powerful tool is created when you go within, take what you’ve learned, and combine it with the essence of you, in all your uniqueness.

My prayer and fervent hope is that you recognize all that you currently are and have in this moment, beyond trainings and certifications, and honor the unique amalgamation of all you have to offer now, already.

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