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Alessio Mattarese exlusive feature

*We have the pleasure to interview Alessio Mattarese Italian digital entrepreneur.

Hello thank you for this opportunity.

*Alessio introduce yourself to our readers and explain us how did your path in the social world started? Did you already know that it would become a real job?

Hi my name is Alessio Mattarese I am 29 years old.
My path on social was born in 2016 with my first blog.
At that time I was in Positano, one of the most beautiful areas of the Amalfi Coast in Italy, I still remember joking with my friends about influencers at the bar.
I won’t deny you that I have always been attracted by this world and slowly I managed to enter it.
I understood that it could become a real job.
Day after day I received a lot of positive feedback and a lot of requests for collaborations throughout Italy and Europe.
During my career as an influencer I have collaborated with many world famous brands.
( us polo and ralph lauren ) just to name two, but after a while he understood that it was not what I was aiming for.
I’ve always loved to help everyone, I answered to anyone who asked me for advice in general or on how to expand their audience on their social channels, I always believed in the potential of socials.
I noticed that day after day I spent more time answering messages I received about advice instead of posting content for my instagram profile.
So I decided to take a different path from influencers and enter the field of social profile management for companies and individuals.
After a very short time I received many requests from clients all over the world starting from Italy and ending up in Brazil or Dubai, many people began to recognize me thanks to my skills and professionalism as a true social media manager specialist.
At the end of 2018 I already had hundreds of clients and I decided to open my first company dedicated to social marketing.
Instagram gave me so much but I didn’t stop here, every day every morning I woke up and I still wake up today with a desire to learn and learn every secret of this platform.
In early 2019 I decided to specialize in online security and saving hacked profiles on various social networks.
It all started when I began to receive more than the usual messages about general advice, requests for help or advice on how to keep your instagram profile or social profiles safe.
I began to realize that a lot of people had no idea what the phrase
“protect yourself online” .
From mid-December to date I have recovered hundreds of profiles and I can safely say that I have become a benchmark in this area (online security).
Every day I receive dozens of messages and emails from people who ask me for advice or help.
I would like to point out that I am not part of the partner team of facebook or instagram, but it would be a dream for me to become one.
In 2020 I was invited to many international events where I was the coordinator of masterclasses on social network development and online security.

*What would you recommend to a young person who would like to enter the world of online work.

To never stop believing in himself, studying, working with honesty and professionalism.

Thank you for the opportunity continue to follow me on my profile instagram @alessiomattarese

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