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Master Your Health and Fitness with Tips from A Vegan Fitness Coach

Health and fitness can be an edgy subject, so it’s not unusual to feel defensive or under attack, especially when you’re first starting or wondering if it falls in line with your life’s goals and objectives. Nevertheless, spending time, money, as well as other resources, is worth it, be it to ease stress, improve concentration, boost productivity, or live a happier, longer life. It is paramount. Fitness journeys can be frustrating and daunting but worry not because Vegan Celebrity Personal Trainer and fitness coach, Steve Pilot, has some tips to help get you started and back on track!

  1. Create a Bespoke Blueprint

The beginning can be overwhelming. It is okay not to know what your fitness goals are at the start. You can then brainstorm to come up with precise fitness goals. You may feel lost somewhere along the road and feel like you wanna abandon this entire “health and fitness” ideal.

You will come to realize how specific fitness is. Identify what it is you want to achieve out of your training and then come up with a blueprint.

Create a link between where you are now, where you want to be, and break it down into smaller stages with realistic targets for each, this will make it feel a lot more manageable and within reach. You will thus be able to track your progress and desist from indulging in momentary gratification from segment attainment but rather keep your focus on the bigger goal of completing all the stages and achieving your specific fitness goals.

  1. Diet Is King

What you feed your body will eventually show on the outside so you must be very selective of what you eat especially if you have specific fitness goals. Your choice of diet could make or break your goals. In this case emphasis is on plants and not a tiny turdy bit of animal protein

  1. Proteins are Vital but There’s More to it

It is almost impossible to undergo a fitness program without discussing protein, especially if you’re looking to build muscle or get stronger.

Protein equals muscle, so more protein is equivalent to even more muscles. Despite being essential, protein is not the only ingredient you should focus on if you’re looking to build muscle or strength.

Protein only facilitates muscle building if there is a need to repair damaged tissue or produce extra contractile proteins. This occurs in the event that your muscles have to cope with the stress of exercise by enlisting more contractile proteins to do more work. Whenever the rate of muscle protein synthesis is greater than the rate of muscle protein breakdown, muscle growth occurs. Adaption occurs while you rest and not while you are in the process of lifting weights or exercise.

Consider these factors when trying to build muscle or get stronger: Sleep, recovery between sessions, daily calorie intake, water intake, alcohol intake, training volume, training intensity, training specificity, and others. Over and above, it can be a confusing subject so do not indulge yourself in too much protein. Always do consider other factors besides protein when aiming to build and strengthen your muscles even though the media may boldly insist on protein as though it is dependent upon protein alone.

  1. Practice makes Perfect

There is magic in setting specific and achievable goals broken down into small tasks that cover different aspects of training to reach your fitness goals.

Practicing any given task or activity will result in improvement and mastery. For example, you may be able to do ten push-ups, and if you keep practicing, you may be able to do 50 or even 100. If you want to run a marathon, start by running a shorter distance and keep increasing the distance gradually until you can finally do a marathon.

Yes, there are lots of supplementary exercises and training procedures related to performance, but you must practice making them part and parcel of you. Fitness helps but, if you intend to develop a particular skill set, then that should be your core focus. If you’re not bothered about any specifics, then get a platter and enjoy variety until you decide you want to improve a specific skill set. The more you do it right, the better you will become at it.

5. Persistence, Consistency & a Coach.

Why is it that people with personal coaches have a much higher shot at achieving their goals than those who do not? Have you stopped and paused that question?

Fitness coaches identify and review fitness goals with them as well as possess a broad knowledge base and provide motivation. It’s no secret that fitness coaches closely follow and monitor progress.

When you have a fitness coach, there is a sense of accountability and urge to honor appointments leaving no room for should I or shouldn’t I go questions.

A sense of not wanting to let your trainer down gets a hold of you, making you show up. Many trainers charge a late cancellation fee or the full session fee for late cancellation making people more likely to turn up to their sessions.

You may not have a trainer or have no plans to get one which is okay. Do not quit and push long for enough then you will realize your fitness goals.

6. Create Beautiful Health And fitness Memories

You will remember a handful of your fitness sessions, so why not make it count. The adventure at each stage, every obstacle you will overcome, friends reactions to challenging exercises, marathons, triathlons, stretching, shrinking bellies, expeditions, and lots more. You may not have participated in such sessions before, they may feel intimidating, but they will cease to be before you know it.

Setting bigger goals comes with several advantages as you will be inclined to do more of the small, sometimes uninteresting, repetitive things such as frequent training, healthier diets, and having a fitness plan. Those are integral to the grand scheme of fitness!

Go on! Create phenomenal memories you will cherish and someday tell and inspire others

7. Relive the Memories in Realtime

It is perfectly normal to have good and bad memories. The important thing is that your great memories overwhelmingly outweigh the bad ones or at least tag team to defeat the bad memories. Keep doing things that result in great memories and adjust those that brought unpleasant memories so that you can have a different outcome. Life is dynamic. Who says you can not evolve and still Relive the good times

Steve Pilot is a well-traveled, fully functional celebrity fitness Coach. He has traveled to over 80 countries across the world, preaching and practicing the gospel of fitness and living vegan. Born in Munich, Germany, and moved to Bangkok, Thailand. Having tried several diets, he found the Vegan way to be the ideal way contrary to what he initially perceived.

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