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Simplicity Never Felt So Complicated….

A new series is hitting Youtube in 2021, and no, it is NOT by Youtube. 

New Los Angeles based Director in the making, Meredith G. Guerra, brings you a show about everyday, awkward mishaps that will keep you laughing even through the most relatable moments. So just who, is Jessi Who?

In pursuit of one day becoming the next great Comedian TV Show Host, Jessi takes the plunge and meets the City of Angels, where she believes she has to tackle every aspect of the Entertainment Business to get there. She sees her best friend, Aelys, get discovered almost instantaneously and land a recurring role on an Original Hit Series. 

Jessi falls in the LA trap of having to “look” like what she feels everyone looks like, cute, petite, perfect body and hair – there’s only one problem, she is none of that. Jessi is not petite by any means, she’s awkward, her dreadlocks constantly landing her into debates, she regularly compares herself to her bubbly best friend, and she’s naive enough to believe that she does fit in. However, that just means she’s not naive after all, as she quickly realizes that LA is no glamour shot. It isn’t a place where you walk into a bar, all heads turn and you get discovered to be the next Angelina Jolie. It’s not social media, it is, however, reality. Here we follow Jessi through the nitty-gritty of LA living truths, being broke, finding side hustles to make ends meet, living in an overpriced studio, bombing auditions left and right, looking for love, and the most famous, trying to find herself. Jessi Who? will take us on Jessi’s journey of self-discovery and make us laugh throughout.

After what feels like multiple DON’T’s, Jessi must navigate through her insecurities, naivety, and unfit tendencies as she finds herself on a road not only to self-discovery but self-recovery, because let’s face it – LA is not kind to the artistic mind.  

Why is it Needed?

With the way the world has been so heavy lately, this little Series will serve as a nice break, a large exhale because believe it or not, we all go through what Jessi and the rest of her gang go through. This show is to bring joyous moments and good chuckles in the simplest of stumbles that seem bigger when we are the ones going through it. 

SO, what can you expect? Well, you can expect to smile and to fall in love with all of the on-screen Jessi Who? gang, as they each bring something unique to the table. From her best friend Aelys with perfect “couple goals” girlfriend, Randi, to her unknowingly air-headed, insta-famous neighbors known as, the Jays. From words of encouragement that her bartender confidant, Roman, often lends, to her continuously awkward run – in’s with lady’s man, Wayne. Then there’s the uncomfortable meetings with her not – so supportive acting coach, Agnes, who just wants the best for her – how does that work right? And let’s not forget Tilly, the owner of “The Happy Kid’s Klub” who quickly learns that maybe Jessi isn’t so great at volunteering with kids…oh and Emily? Who the heck is that!?

Jessi Who? Series, assures that you will walk away feeling lighter and fully connected to at least one of these characters, so why not press play?

When can we Watch?

Due to the unfortunate events of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the mini Web Series faced multiple delays. However, Jessi Who? is currently filming and is gearing up to release new episodes in mid-March 2021. With fun content such as Behind the Scenes, bloopers, plenty of Promos, Interviews, and best of all – Comedy Sketches involving each of your soon to be favorite characters, hitting social media platforms and Youtube before then. 

But be sure to pay attention to the Comedy Sketches, as each one hints to one of the later episodes that will be dropping in mid-March 2021. If you can connect the dots as to which belongs to what episode, you’ll end up understanding what left you confused in the first place! 

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Jessi Who? Official Website:  and there you can navigate to their social platforms, learn about the gang, and most importantly, Subscribe to their YouTube Channel! 

Take a moment, it’s free and it’s worth it! 

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