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Jaffry Jan Mallari Created a Six-Figure Streetwear Brand While in College Full-Time and Working Part-Time

Jaffry Jan Mallari is just 22 years old, yet he has established a six-figure streetwear clothing brand that is resonating with an increasing number of people. The militaristic and pessimistic undertones in the designs stem from Jaffrey’s own struggles and challenges in life, some of which are directly related to his brand RESURGENCE.

After starting up a streetwear brand at 18 called NGHTPRWL that ended up failing, he went to college and tried to get into a prestigious graphic design university program. Even though he was a model student for it, he didn’t get in. Stunned and shocked by this, it led him to feel depressed and confused. He ended going the opposite direction of the creative path he was passionate about, pin order to ensure he had financial stability in the future. That is why he chose to pursue engineering.

However, as the months went on, he became increasingly frustrated and exhausted with it. He was wondering if that was truly the only way for him to succeed in life. At that very moment, he had a realization. He realized that everything he had done and experienced with his previous brand happened for a reason. It was all there to serve as a lesson. It was an invaluable lesson at that. He realized that he could take all of the negative energy that he had accumulated and channel it into something productive and fruitful.

That is how RESURGENCE was born. Jaffry was smart enough to go back and learn from his mistakes. He decided to use his previous brand as a template but significantly improved upon it. He wanted to prove to everyone that he is way more capable than what they thought of him. Also, he wanted to come back from all of his disappointments, grief, and anger, and turn them into something that he had always wanted to do with his life, which was to practice his passion for graphic design.

Jaffry has a message to share with others who are in the same boat as he was not that long ago. Those obstacles along your path are trying their hardest for you to trip and fall. However, you can use those very same obstacles to build a bridge for yourself that will help you get to your desired destination.

Not every love letter is full of sweet promises and statements. However, they all emerge from your heart. Whatever you are going through right now, you can know that there is something waiting for you out there…something you are passionate about. You can realize that for every time you trip and fall, there is an equal opportunity to rise and prosper.

You can take a look at what all of the obstacles on Jaffry’s path have led him to create by checking out the RESURGENCE online store. If you want to stay updated on the latest releases from RESURGENCE, follow this brand’s Instagram page here.

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