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Producer Jimone1’s New Song “Let’s Go Love”; Album May be Coming Soon

In the music industry there are not many that learn to pave their own way. However, Jimone1 is one such example of perseverance. This 17ys old music producer and songwriter from Greece published his new single “Let’s Go Love”.

This song is incredibly professional and well composed considering the artist’s age when he wrote and performed it for the first time.

He mentions:

Let’s Go Love isn’t just an ordinary song I wrote in a day, while chilling in front of my computer. This song took me 4 years to make it completely perfect. When I was 13 I had a dream. I wanted to make something “huge”, something for which people could talk about. Nonetheless, it seems impossible to turn this childish idea into reality. In fact, I had to deal with much more things I could even imagine.”

Jimone1 shared with us this long process and how he managed to finish the song at the right time , how he persuaded some publishers to take him seriously as a small artist he was and finally how his childhood dream came true.

First of all, I came up with an idea. I was a high junior school student and I just thought about love. Being loved and give love. Things that kids tend to delve into, especially at ages like twelve. Those are the principles of the song’s story. So I started writing it, adding more information and personal experiences without making the listeners think that I am the person who directly speaks to them.

After this period of writing, which took about a month or so, I started spending my energy into the most difficult part of the project which took almost 3 years: “MUSIC”. I had no idea of how to make an actual song. Even something melodic. Then I realized it. I had never been exposed to any music stimuli.

So started listening to music. I asked my father if we could go to the vinyl shop and buy some Michael Jackson’s albums. Michael Jackson even if he is A REMARKABLE STAR in the global music history, it is clear that his style wasn’t the correct genre to get inspired and transfer similar vibes to my song.

For my lack, my uncle used to listen to hip-hop. Pop and Rock was also one of his favorite genres and also mine. He made sure to teach me all the Queen’s greatest songs. We also listened together to The Beatles, Aerosmith and many other bands who finally inspired me.

You see Rock music played an important part in the Western musical scene. Let’s Go Love isn’t that rock but its flow and its soft bass lines refer to something similar to a light melodic rock song like Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Having now all the required knowledge and appropriate vibes, I started this long journey in which I had so much fun. I had been composing for about one thousand days. Of course I wasn’t working all those days from the morning till the end of the day. It’s symbolic. I just had to find the correct sound.

Besides, it is well known that I am perfectionist at work. Maybe I could have finished it in no time, but I like how the result is now, so I kept it.

The last part of this long trip to the accomplishment of my dream was to join a record label and prove that my song is something worthy to invest in. My publishers loved the song when they heard it for the first time except from the CEO. He had some doubts about me but he gave me a chance to prove what I am able to do.

It depends on how you will interact with the track. And of course the general audience. You see, it’s this special first time of listening to a song. I could pay millions of dollars to take back this experience, this moment.

That’s why you have to live each moment in your life. Enjoy your journey without caring for the destination. You may had a dream when you were young. Don’t let anyone to change it or even stop you from making it come true. Follow your dreams. Work hard. Be patient. Talent without hard work is useless.”


Jimone1’s new single: “Let’s Go Love” released on 5th November is available now on all major platforms by UpBeat Records.
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