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Turkish Baklava is now available for Vegans

Turkish Baklava is an authentic taste from Anatolia (where Turkey located) basically a pastry with delicious nuts inside. There are forms of baklava like Baklava with pistachio, baklava with walnut or some other nuts. Since the food industry revolutionized with the demand of consumers, traditional Turkish baklava has also revolutionized.

With the demand from consumers, traditional baklava chefs have made Gluten-free baklava for the patients who can not consume gluten and new diets do not contain gluten. They also now produce Diabetic Baklava which does not contain any sugar, to sweeten the baklava they use natural sweeteners. It also has a low glycemic index.

However, they thought these are not enough, and they now invented Vegan Baklava. So how do they do it?

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The production process of Vegan Baklava

First, they mentioned these baklavas are made in a different place than normal ones are made. The production line for vegan baklava is different than others. They use different trays and kitchenware units during the production process.

The ingredients are also special for the process. They use diabetic vegan flour, soy milk, beet-based sugar, and virgin olive oil. Also, the nuts (pistachio or walnut for now). All the ingredients are kept away from any animal-based product.

In the end, there is traditional baklava with a tremendous taste, and it is vegan. Voila!

How to order Vegan Baklava? You can do it online

Since Turkish Baklava is the best fresh and traditional one in the Middle East, sometimes it is hard to find a fresh and original recipe in your town. But there is a way., a Turkish online shop, offers fresh Turkish Baklava and they ship to all around the world. They ship via DHL Express to the USA and the usual delivery time is 1 to 3 business days after dispatch. So, you can experience the fresh original baklava in your home.

The internet changed everything and made the world smaller. Yes, you can now buy baklava from your phone quickly and experience a very special taste from Turkey. Bon Appetit.

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