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Situations never keep you stuck.

Many people often blame circumstances for all the negative outcomes in their lives. The truth is, situations do not keep us stuck. What keeps us stuck are the decisions we make when we face hardship. We live in a society full of comparison, anxiety, depression, and overall mental illness. Mental illness happens out of our control, but we do have control over how we react. Life is a journey filled with lessons that can teach us how to become better people. The story of Nic Mclaughlin can teach us all how turning situations into great lessons is key to exponential success. 

When Nic was five, his parents divorced, leading to a massive amount of stress for him. The stress turned to depression, he was bullied, he failed in school, developed social anxiety, and Tourettes. At 6 years old, Nic began training in Kempo to distract himself from the depression.

Just a few years later, Nic decided to create an opportunity to make a difference by comforting others struggling with depression and anxiety. Nic found that the more he decided to give to others, the quicker his depression began to subside. Like clockwork, the people he’d connected with would change their lives for the better drastically through motivation and thankful actions towards their newfound career goals. Over the next 18 years, Nic continued to comfort people in need.

Nic achieved his black belt in Taekwondo at the age of 12, during the most depressing stage of his life. Since then, Nic has accomplished a lot while still healing. He is now a certified Neurolingitic Practitioner. He has also created a safe and open space for those going through hard times. His Welcome to the GoodLife podcast has brought listeners the opportunity to learn from inspiring celebrities. He has also built a real estate marketing company, The Realtor Rocket, leading to fast success for himself and his clients.

In “The Realtor Rocket”, Nic incorporates his passion for helping others to value their time by supporting realtors in a way that can save them over half their work day. His process handles an incredible amount of work by taking care of the prospecting, following up by 180 days, scrubbing the leads and setting the appointments, giving realtors a time to connect with their goals and families with far less stress. 

Great lessons can often be disguised as struggles, but you are always only one decision away from taking full control of your life. 

Find the support you need in life and business by tuning into Welcome to the GoodLife

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