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2020 Election – Americans Want Civility, but not Socialism by Robert Bilsky

Article written by: Robert Bilsky

The people of America have spoken emphatically. Missing civility and empathy in their politics, they choose Joe Biden as President.

Donald Trump was rejected for his divisiveness. After all, the average American does not want a President who Tweets locker room insults at 3 AM.

While Trump had sound policies, his rhetoric alienated moderate Republicans. Many were offended when he called war hero John McCain a “loser”, despite standing up courageously to Viet Cong torture.

Indeed, the treatment of McCain was a factor in flipping Arizona. Nancy McCain, wife of the deceased lawmaker, and former Republican Senator Jeff Flake endorsed Biden. This helped the Democrats overcome the significant voter advantage Republicans enjoy in the Copper State.

However, the message to Nancy Pelosi was equally clear. While Biden’s civility was well-received, the extreme policies of the “squad” were not.

This is why Democrats underperformed down-ballot. They were favored to take over the Senate, as more red seats were at stake. However, Republicans are poised to maintain Senate control.

Things are not much better for Pelosi’s House contingent. Democrats maintained control. However, contrary to expectations, their advantage diminished significantly.

The Democrats did not flip any state legislatures despite strenuous efforts. Meanwhile, Republicans flipped both New Hampshire chambers House, and held on to the governor’s mansion, establishing a GOP trifecta there and in Montana.

These results reflect a general distaste for extreme-left policies. Average voters oppose defunding the police and Antifa establishing self-governing zones. Voters are similarly unimpressed by out of control rioters or the Green New Deal, which could eliminate the oil and gas industries.

Most Americans still believe this is the greatest country on earth. They do not want to replace our institutions with the type of Marxist experiments that failed ubiquitously. Pelosi must come to grips with reality and keep divisive colleagues at bay.

Robert Bilsky bio:

Robert Bilsky is a Libertarian who strongly believes in individual freedom. He received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tennessee. While working in the Defense Industry as a Systems Engineer, he received numerous Trade Secrets and awards. Robert founded his own company in 1990 becoming a successful Real Estate Broker and Investor. Reading and writing articles about politics, business and technology is my passion. I blog on Medium at

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