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Victorville Elects Blanca Gomez With Majority Votes for City Council, Despite All Fake and Unfounded News

The City of Victorville residents once again proved that they stand behind Blanca Gomez for City Council and City Government.

Blanca has proved in her four years term as City Council that she is doing a lot for the city and its residents. The fact that she got elected with majority votes speaks for itself.

One of Blanca’s missions is closing the gap between the city authorities and residents.

Many of the people from the minority groups, which are over 80%, are claiming that they have been having difficulty starting a business in Victorville because city authorities are intimidating them.

While Blanca has been doing wonderful things for the residents, she has been targeted by the same city authorities. It is unfortunate that the city officials have treated Blanca as an enemy, and accusing her with false and fabricated stories, instead of uniting the community.

To make progress, the city officials need to align and cooperate with the residents; politicians often forget the residents who chose best to serve their interests after they get elected.

Blanca will be serving for another two years before she most likely will be elected for Congress in 2022. Until that time, Blanca is committed to serving the residents and bringing more improvements to the city government.

There is nothing more critical for Blanca Gomez than to represent the people.

In her four-year term, she has worked with marginalized communities to find solutions cooperatively to bring health and prosperity to Victorville’s citizens.

Blanca Gomez knows that a terrific leader should be someone fair and objective. She honestly believes in observing events objectively to make judgments and come up with solutions.

She is not hiding the truth for the sake of looking good, even if that means fighting the city authorities herself. Blanca is not a people pleaser and refuses to say anything that could manipulate or misguide the public.

As she has proved her courage over her first term as a city council member, she was favored by Victorville’s votes once again.

Since becoming a city council member, Blanca has focused on specific, achievable, and measurable goals and demands outcomes. She has encouraged authorities and people to be accountable for their actions.

For Blanca Gomez, she is being elected once again as Victorville city council member, confirms that she is doing the right things. She is determined to become a great leader with open-mindedness, experience, and knowledge to be elected for Congress in 2022.

You can expect to hear more about Blanca Gomez as she will continue to think globally and act locally. She is aware that we need to live in prosperity as a powerful and blessed country now more than ever.

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