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The Rise of the Courageous and Inspirational Phillip H. Perez – The Determine Fight for a New Dignified and Freedom Respecting Political and Economic System

Phillip H. Perez, Founder and CEO of BarterUnit LLC, courageously takes a stand against the blatant political and economic corruption plaguing our nation, by creating and implementing an alternative digital currency called – the Barter Unit. The Barter Unit is designed to be the closest digital equivalent to physical cash without bureaucratic constraints, and is outlined to produce and sustain economic equality, security, and freedom.

So, who is this Phillip H. Perez behind the curtain?

Perez is an American entrepreneur and humanitarian, determined to make political and economic structural changes with the highest levels of confidence and transparency, by means of producing an alternative digital currency distribution and payment system – worldwide.

By collectively crossing and breaking political and economic barriers and challenging the status quo monetary system, we can achieve economic growth and prosperity independent from banks and government. Together we can create a transparent economic system that works for everyone, one that reflects the best of what our country can be economically,” says Perez.

Perez is adamant to make existing economic systemic change. With his verbal candidness, and relentless passion to eradicate and dissolve corruption that is presently caused and sustained by predacious financial elites, has tremendously inspired many marginalized communities to respect and adopt the Barter Unit, worldwide.

Here’s the bottom line, until Washington policymakers can create democratic policies that protect the American people from usury, corporate greed, and political corruption while simultaneously creating and sustaining an economy that works for everyone, not just the financial elites, this is what we are offering to the American people and to people worldwide – the Barter Unit,” says Perez.

Determined to make his political and economic opinions industriously circulated, Perez, with his unstoppable personality, successfully demonstrates inspiration, integrity, ambition, enthusiasm, and optimism amongst citizens worldwide.

It’s time for a new dignified and freedom respecting political and economic system, and we believe the Barter Unit is that system. Together we can counter the inefficiencies, inequalities and corruption that plague our existing monetary system. Together we can create an economic network that runs parallel with the notion of pure economic equality, freedom and security,” says Perez.

The Barter Unit is an optional private and alternative purchasing power currency designed to provide participants an extra source of capital, to improve higher living standards and to increase economic growth and development. The BarterUnit mobile application is available on the Apple and GooglePlay stores.

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