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I Quit Law School to be an Amazon Worker

Working full time on the graveyard shift doing public safety can be draining, well, also While going to USC (University of Southern California) during the day and pursuing a law degree might be over the edge. All while trying to be a great Dad and terrific husband now that is even more killer.

I knew there had to be more to it than going to school. I started researching ecommerce on my free time, what free time? Well, I made it work. I saw all these you tubers make it look so easy, And guess what? It was absolutely freaking hard. But I never gave up. I invested so much money in website design, fb ads and courses. Ultimately, I could not compete with Amazon prime and Amazon as the competitor and their overnight shipping because my products where coming from China. I looked into Amazon Dropshipping and I went all in while still juggling everything else on my plate.

I kept at it and in my first month I did 17,000 in sales. But it was such a headache to deal with customer service. So I just said to myself, in order to grow you have to build a team. I went to work on my free time, and build an Ecommbulldog Team. I Now run a 6 figure amazon store, mentor students and also, run client’s store on complete auto pilot for them, so all they do is invest and earn.

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