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How Michael Angelo Aboujaoude Went From Nothing To Building A 7 Figure Online Business!

Michael Angelo Aboujaoude was only in high school when he decided to start an online business know as Ultimate E-Commerce, he started from scratch learning about Facebook and YouTube ads. Aboujaoude Hustled and took as many tips as possible from valuable people to be successful online.

As a child Michael Aboujaoude was born and lived In Los Angeles, his parents were always supportive of his dreams. He has always wanted to own a business. “He said my goal is to make as many people as he can self-employed.”

He had months of failures until he started discovering the specific details of running ads for his business, but despite the failures he never gave up just like a real Entrepreneur. He created multiple E-commerce stores that were selling online services such as website traffic to multiple businesses and they were pleased working with him.

Aboujaoude also created an E-Commerce course showing people how they can copy his business model without the mistakes he has taken, which can be found by visiting

He then started his own YouTube Channel mostly about how to make money online and showing his audience some of the tips and tricks he picked up along the journey which can also be found here.

According to Forbes Michael Aboujaoude net worth is estimated to be $3 million! That Is astonishing knowing he has only been running his business for two years. We will have to sit back and watch what Aboujaoude may do next with his businesses.

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