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From the corporate world to a digital nomad lifestyle, Abdullah Almanna is changing the way you think about work

A strong advocator of the new digital nomad way of living, entrepreneur Abdullah Almanna is inspiring the next generation of workers to think differently about the way they live.

Originally from Kuwait, Almanna moved in pursuit of a career in the accounting world. After he received his CPA licence, Almanna quickly found success working with the Big Four accounting firm Ernst & Young. But overtime, he wanted to make a change and find more purpose in his life. It was his experiences in childhood where he found a passion for travelling. And it wouldn’t be until many years later that he would find a lifestyle that could match his ambitions.

Following his success, Almanna decided to set up several businesses, one of them, a travel essentials e-commerce website called Tripese, offering a variety of accessories for travellers such as weatherproof cameras, backpacks and medical kits.

The transition from the corporate world to launching his own business has enabled him to live in a different way without being stuck at a desk, with Tripese being an example of how he’s shifted his mindset. And with his new digital business, the entrepreneur is now able to travel the world, having visited more than 30 countries in the past several years alone.

The entrepreneur is taking back control and choosing the life that he wants to live rather than being stuck in a restrictive working environment where he felt unsatisfied. Through his travels, he’s also discovered new cultures and speaks several languages including Arabic, English and Spanish – aiming to learn more in the future. In doing so, Almanna now shares his latest adventures on Instagram, and recently wrote several books on travelling and the success mindset needed to adapt to the digital nomad way of living. His recently released ebook called Your Road to Financial Freedom is also taking a deeper look at how he’s managed to turn things around in a way that gives him the freedom to choose.

Having come from the corporate world, Almanna has gone to great lengths to find his true purpose, with travel being at the heart of what he does. Documenting his personal journey and travels to different cities, Almanna is inspiring people to change how they think about work. Is it really possible to change, and to change for the better? In terms of the entrepreneur’s own experiences, it is, and there are some simple steps you can take in order to get there.

Discover more about Abdullah Almanna by visiting his website and follow his recent updates on Instagram. Are you living your life’s true purpose?

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