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Filipina Artist Red Tan Releases a Song to Uplift Victims of Domestic Abuse during the Lockdown

November 2020 – Filipina international artist Red Tan recently announced the release of a new single titled Toxic. That song comes from a very powerful concept, as the artist is working to raise awareness to support Women’s Aid concerning domestic violence.

One of the overlooked side effects of the Covid19 lockdown is that many people found themselves stuck in dangerous situations right at home, the very place where they should feel protected and comfortable. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and there are millions of people all around the world who fall victim to domestic abuse and violence. Without the ability to go out due to coronavirus restrictions, the situation is getting quite dire for some.

This song talks about this pressing issue, but it does so in a very inspiring way, engaging with the audience through a catchy electro-pop vibe to uplift the victims of domestic abuse and to encourage women to speak up. In a time when artists are valued and outspoken voices in the community, it is always remarkable to hear artists who combine appeal with social consciousness. This song stands out as a perfect example of that.

Find out more about Red Tan and do not miss out on Toxic, which is going to be released on Friday the 13th of November. The totality of earnings from this single will be donated to Women’s Aid (, a non-profit organization based in the UK.

FB/TW/IG: @redtanofficial

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