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Chicago-based folk-rock songwriter Phil Mitchell has recently released his fourth album ​A Better World ​from his collaborative studio ensemble, The Phil Mitchell Band.

With clear influences from folk legends like Jim Croce, Woody Guthrie, and Bob Dylan, The Phil Mitchell Band throws a modern spin on traditional, American-themed songs. The album features various singers, including Natasha Sheyenne, Joda Omi, and Lisanne Veendenaal, and incorporates several different musical styles, including pop, country, and even a Christmas tune just in time for the holidays. The Phil Mitchell Band is highly collaborative and fluid in this album, and explores past the expectations of Mitchell’s bluesy folk rock roots.

A Better World ​carries its title meaning throughout the album with inspiring, thought-provoking lyrics. Songs like the rock ballad “Never Let It Die” and “Glory Train”, a simple country tune with thick melodies, shed light on the intense emotional, nearly spiritual background presented in ​A Better World. ​Though the mood stays the same throughout, no song is the same as the last.Mitchell explores his eclectic writing style by fusing different genres, a stylistic choice that makes for an evocative tapestry of music.

“Brand New Day” introduces the album with Southern rock influenced guitar riffs. Session guitarist Alvaro Soto compliments the optimistic themes of ​A Better World with lengthy, virtuosic solos. The Phil Mitchell Band channels Celctic inspiration in the lilting tune, “Irish Rose” with a somber fiddle and gentle piano melody. Most notably, a self-titled track of the LP, “A Better World” tells a life story of a hopeful man in pursuit for a happier life.

A Better World ​is an escape from the trials and turmoils of the world, inviting positivity and hope to the table. Painting pictures of stories that connect with the listeners, The Phil Mitchell Band delivers a beautifully raw collection of songs in his latest album.

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