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From Homeland Security Director to Titan of Collectibles, the Louis “Uncle Louie” Story continues to evolve

Louis Gregory, publicly known as Uncle Louie has been a mainstay in the entertainment industry for decades. He has gone from Entertainment Impresario to Homeland Security Director to Titan of Collectibles. Louis truly is the King of Reinvention when it comes to his careers. He’s known for his work with the UFC, the WWE, Nascar and even Major League Baseball. His resume reads like a who’s who in the world of music, professional sports and even world leaders; having advised the Obama Administration as well the Trump Administration of on anti-terrorism on counter smuggling. He has worked with Congressional Representatives Nationwide and also worked with Senators. His disaster relief leadership after earthquakes, hurricanes and active shooters has been highly sought after in the law enforcement and public safety community. It was ironic when WWE Superstar Bill Goldberg, one of Louis’ biggest clients landed a role on NCIC: Los Angeles playing a Special Agent and seemingly bringing Federal Law Enforcement and TV Entertainment together.

His early work in music is a stark contrast to his public safety work. Louis helped forge the careers of artists like Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez, Brittney Spears, 50 Cent, and Eminem while these artists were in their development stages. He is routinely cited as a marketing mastermind and one of the industries hardest workers. After the tragic events of September 11th he moved his focus from the spotlight of “the business” and began his anti-terrorism work; a dynamic transition that took him outside of his comfort zone and onto America’s Front Line where he would eventually become a subject matter expert in bulk cash smuggling, counter smuggling and anti-terrorism. After ten years in uniform, he revisited his passion for entertainment and resumed his artistic aspirations while simultaneously protecting America from terrorism – a noble endeavor. He received a personal letter from the President thanking him for his service and acknowledging his grit as a patriot and an entrepreneur. After juggling both careers for many years, he made the difficult decision to focus solely on his entrepreneurial and artistic endeavors. The results he has achieved in just one year have been nothing short of astonishing. Louis often credits his success to his wife and his mentors. When it comes to mentors, Louis has many titans in his corner. Eric B., Michael Strahan, and Jeff Aronson are moguls of their respective industries and have all given Louis advise that he puts into action. He has become a very successful artist, creating sought after collectibles often found in the secondary market selling for thousands of dollars. His company has quickly become the largest retailer of challenge coins, pins, patches and unique collectibles in America.

Louis can be seen on multiple seasons of ABC’s hit comedy show The Goldbergs where he plays Uncle Louie. He is an active member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). He recently worked with pop-stars Shontelle and Sean Paul on a yet to be released song entitled Feel It and is working with Eric B of the legendary group Eric B and Rakim on an upcoming EDM album.

In 2020, Louis began working with Adam F. Goldberg on projects for Topps Trading Cards, Sony Motions Pictures, and Capital Films. Together, they have secured various lucrative licensing agreements for intellectual property rights associated with legendary brands like Ghostbusters and the NetFlix hit series Cobra Kai; part of the Karate Kid franchise. Louis also worked closely with the number one most successful pop artist in the world, Romero Britto, on a line of officially licensed Britto pins. Louis created GPK Nation, a viral collectible series featuring Garbage Pail Kids and continues to innovate and develop his very own collectible market.

“I’m blessed to have access to a network of America’s best and most successful leaders in business and government. It’s surreal to be speaking with visionaries like Andrew Yang and Daymond John. I always remind myself to never get too comfortable. Every day, I hustle like I’m broke. When I’m pursuing a goal, I always say it’s not if, it’s when! Those are things Michael Strahan taught me. I also don’t get caught up in the past too much. I learn from it and move forward. It’s difficult to make new money when you are distracted. Eric B always told me not to chase old money.” said Louis.

You can keep up with Louis on Twitter and Instagram by following @UncleLouie. He is currently working on an autobiographical leadership book inspired by his life and career as well as a fictional book set in the 2020 pandemic which is in the illustration phase.

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