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Brazilian artist Beea’s songs have always rung true, and her latest title ‘Let You Go’ is no exception.

In a rich and modulated voice, Beea tells the tale of a long-distance relationship with an authenticity borne of her own lived experience.

She was born into a musical family in Brazil, but she found her wings in the USA where she did back up for Luiz Fonsi of Despacito fame among other Latin artists. It was with Fonsi that she got to attend the Latin Grammy.

Beea is the daughter of a Brazilian musician and she grew up watching her father performing, rehearsing, producing, and doing gigs.

She borrows from her own life experiences to create authentic and intense lyrics.

Like all her previous songs, Let you Go showcases Beea’s passionate personality.

Beea’s Ride or Die, which came out in 2018 was a semifinalist for Song of the Year at the traditional American awards.

In 2019, she released Permission, which won the Best Music Video award at the Paris International Music Video Underground. The singer-songwriter considers herself one of many self-empowered female artists. Permission expresses her strong feminist stance.

Filmed in Rome, “Let You Go” music video epitomizes romance and drama. It was a perfect setting to bring out the tragic romance. The night lights of the Colosseum and the Vatican bridges bring out the haunting beauty of the city which is a perfect setting for such a poignant story.

The music video also captures the feeling of a woman left alone in her relationship. According to Beea, Rome was the birthplace of the romance that inspired the song.

Growing up in Brazil, Beea accompanied her mother and sisters to go watch her father perform. At 12, she was already professionally performing with her dad.

She soon left to create her career, doing background vocals for several artists. She sang for a couple of bands in São Paulo before signing her contract with a Music label based in Italy in 2012. After working with this label for two years, she felt ready to go after international fame.

She enjoyed herself working there and she also learned a lot about music, even though she was had not moved from Brazil yet.

In 2016, she finally left Brazil for Los Angeles. It was a breakup that pushed her to make the drastic move and it paid off for her as she got to continue working as a career artist.

Love cannot be felt over the phone’ and ‘love cannot be true if I am left alone.’

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