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WHAT’S NEXT, MISS WORLD? 24-Year-Old Entrepreneur and Pageant Queen Makes An Impact Worldwide

Image Credit: Ariel H. and The Fresh Faces Project

A beauty queen with brains, benevolence and boss-level business savvy, Calynn M. Lawrence is making a global impact in her work! She is a 17x award-winning entrepreneur holding 4 Chicago Oscars, 4 Virtual Visionary awards, the National Humanitarian award, Woman of the Year 2017 and more. Here’s some of her resume:

Founder of The Fresh Faces Project, a primarily online nonprofit initiative that offers free and discounted marketing and public relations services to businesses and talents in need, having helped nearly 400 brands and individuals since its establishment in 2014 during her Senior year of highschool.

Creator and Executive Producer of “Chicago Talent,” a reality web series that has spotlighted tens of local businesses and artists free of charge. The first two seasons gained over 80,000 viewers online with rave reviews in the press and a 5-star rating from its audience online.

CEO and Chief Creative Officer of the Calynn Communications & Creative corporation, a media firm that owns and operates several online publications, offers a variety of marketing services with its biggest client being Chick-fil-A, and is now the parent company to her nonprofit and TV series.

Seasoned media personality, having hosted cable television for 2 years, and written for various magazines and publications including her own blog, Fashion Thunderclap, for 9.5 years. She has walked many red carpets as a VIP media guest at some of the most high-profile industry events such as New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, Chicago Fashion Week, Latino Fashion Week, Black Fashion Week and many more.

Graduate of a Business/Art degree from local City Colleges of Chicago and several professional certificate programs from various colleges. Her most recent three are from Harvard Business School Online through their edX program in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Persuasive Communications with overall course averages of 96%, 97% and 98%.

Image Credit: Ariel H. and The Fresh Faces Project

As the current reigning Miss World America Nation 2020, she is working hard to finish up her duties as she lives the last few weeks of her term! When first appointed by the Miss & Mrs. America Nation organization, she made the public vow to make a difference in all seven continents with her focus being ofcourse in the United States. Her humanitarian efforts span all genres, however, her platform focuses on advocating for more creative arts education and career training opportunities for the underprivileged and underrepresented communities in the U.S. To support this, she has volunteered for various organizations, donated monetarily to tens of fundraisers and causes, donated over 30 bags and boxes of food, toiletries and art supplies to local organizations and communities in need, and offered free promotional services to over 50 individuals and brands who were financially impacted by Covid-19.

We’ve seen her do outstanding things in her career and accomplish astonishing feats at such a young age! Yet, it leaves us to wonder what she could have planned for the future. So, we asked “What’s next, Miss World?”

She quotes the following:

“I hope to be blessed enough to continue walking in my purpose and working towards achieving my life’s mission to touch as many hearts, reach as many people and change as many lives as I can. I feel this constant void in my spirit that never goes away and is only ever temporarily silenced to make a bigger difference in the world. That calling drives me to do the best that I can in my career and my community service. My dream is to be a full-time philanthropist by the time I’m 40, and that would make me happier than words can describe.

I am beyond grateful to have such an amazing support system between my parents who raised me, my sisters, my best friends who are like my sisters, my family and loved ones, the Miss & Mrs. America Nation organization, my significant other and anyone who has been a friend or positive influence to me and my goals. As long as I have them in my life, I will continue to do the work that I do encouraging and assisting people to ‘walk on the water of their dreams.’ To whom much has been given, much is expected and this is something that I will honor until my last breath.”

Resounding applause goes to this young woman for her efforts and endeavors. We, along with many others, are watching and waiting to see you excel in your work as a businesswoman and a benefactor to the universe.

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