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FJ Holdings Has Succeeded With Optimizing Distribution Within the Trading Cards Industry

FJ Holdings is the brainchild of CEO James Khuri. Over 15 years ago, James decided to delve into the world of trading cards. That’s right, those cards with pictures of things like baseball players and anime cartoons. The trading cards niche has been highly popular for decades, reaching even greater popularity with the advent of Pokemon cards in the mid 1990s. For 15 years and counting, FJ Holdings has been tweaking its distribution model to become the most efficient distributor of trading cards and accessories in the entire industry.

The way that this company’s distribution is organized and structured is something that has been over 15 years in the making. Today, FJ Holdings is able to fulfill and ship orders with incredible speed and efficiency. This has led to significantly reduced lead times and delivery costs. When compared with others in the industry, it is seen as being the most reliable and cost effective distributor of trading cards and accessories within the US, and even abroad.

James Khuri has made sure that FJ Holdings is on top of the latest product trends, to continue the company’s standing within the industry cemented where it is…at the top. James is highly dedicated to making sure his business achieves the height of success within its niche. That leads him to continually strive for more clients, greater profits, and stronger working relationships.

It is no wonder that FJ Holdings is seen as a leader in the trading cards industry. Besides, this company has been a pioneer as well, especially when it comes to its immense focus on developing strong working relationships.

FJ Holdings is always innovating is executive, management, and distribution on a pay-on-scan/vendor managed inventory program. This is a very unique program that has been responsible for generating triple net profits for its retail partners. The reason why this is possible is due to those retailers no longer being burdened with all of the aspects involving the ownership and servicing of the massive quantities of inventory. This also includes the management of pilferage, inventory levels, and merchandising.

Khuri has led this company for over 15 years, showcasing an impressive track record of achievements. Always looking to raise the base, Khuri has been delivering profitable services and products in the trading cards niche to all sectors of retail outlets. That means discount, sporting goods, grocery, consumer electronics, book, and dollar stores have all been benefiting from the distribution structure FJ Holdings operates. It’s no wonder that this company has been standing out from the competition for a long time.

Khuri’s company serves as a one-stop-shop for everything retailers need to manage trading cards and accessories. This is a company that handles all aspects related to this niche, including working with multiple manufacturers and merchandising in store space allocations. Khuri plans to continue moving FJ Holdings into the future as a company that delivers tremendous value to retailers, manufacturers, and end consumers alike.

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