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Chris Robinson aka SBCollector’s Biggest Lessons in Being a Sneakerhead

When finding your way through a world of uncertainty and navigating success from an unconventional career, you are certain to learn a few things about yourself and the business world you are in. For Chris Robinson, he didn’t want an office job or to be stuck in a small cubicle. He pushed the boundaries of life and found his own life path that differed from a lot of others. Through his hard work and constant strive to reach the next level of success, Chris Robinson has found his way through sneaker collecting.

Learning as you go through your own work is vital to your success. Having a collection of lessons learned leaves more room to grow and succeed. Chris says that, “The biggest lesson I have learned is that regardless of where you come from or what obstacles you have to overcome, you must always rely on yourself to get the job done. While it’s nice to have support from my friends and family, I have come to realize that it is up to me to be the leader in my own success.”

Understanding that he is the root of his own work getting done as well as being the only thing driving his paychecks, Chris Robinson has a stone-cold work ethic that can be inspirational for many. Taking a page out of Chris’ playbook to success will forever mean working hard for the things you want.

You can hear Chris’ story and follow him on Instagram here as well as find Chris on Facebook here

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