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“Creators Live Pop-Up Tour: a social-media event where you ‘reach beyond the screen’

to meet and interact with your favorite online celebrities.”

CREATORS LIVE just concluded a successful Pop-Up Tour in October 2020. The tour featured Instagram and TikTok stars @aaayyyaaaa._, Danielle Cohn, @curlyhairbobby, Fred DeGrace, @jabezill, @kbreeezo, Desiree Montoya, Derek Trendz, Mikey Tua, and Mathew Valenzuela. The tour had stops in Branson, Missouri; Kansas City, Kansas; Chicago (Itasca), Illinois; Lexington, Kentucky; Atlanta, Georgia; Orlando (Lake Mary), Florida; and Tampa, Florida.

The Pop-Up Tour is the latest event from Creators Live. At its inaugural event in Branson, Missouri in June 2020, Creators Live hosted over 35 creators and over 700 attendees in an event that sold out an entire resort. That daylong event included meet-and-greets, panel discussions, games, and evening performances by several creators on a full-scale theatrical stage.

The CEO of Creators Live, Landyn Gerleman, is already at work planning for the future. He is currently working with Danielle Cohn to announce the next Creators Live project in November 2020. Landyn’s goal is to continue the Creators Live tradition of hosting an event that will provide both creators and attendees alike with enjoyable memories that will last a lifetime.

Landyn said, “Our Pop-Up Tour was a great success! Thanks to everyone who attended in every city where we held our tour. I’d like to personally thank the creators, attendees, and our staff for their outstanding efforts. They helped the tour reach its goal of connecting fans face-to-face with their online idols.”

Creators Live hosts events that help fans “reach beyond the screen” to interact in person with their favorite online stars. The company strives to bring to underrepresented parts of the country the personal-interaction experience that fans crave from their favorite creators. From single-location events to mobile-touring events, Creators Live is always exploring new ways to connect creators with their fans.

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Contact Person: Landyn Gerleman, CEO

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