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How a 20-Year Old Instagrammer Became a Successful Entrepreneur Thanks to the Social Media Giant

Instagram is for far more than just sharing what you had for dinner or photos from your trip to Miami. It’s a massive money-making machine for tons of brands and influencers who have figured out the secrets to making money using Instagram. Cole Morgan is one of those.

At 20 years old, Cole is a young entrepreneur who has unlocked amazing success using nothing more than his smartphone. Growing up in Cincinnati, OH meant there wasn’t that many exciting things going on. That led him to going online in order to help pass the time. What he soon discovered was that social media platforms like Instagram were far more than just time-wasters. In fact, they were major moneymakers.

Over the 6 years that he has been Instagramming, he has amassed over 3 million followers across all of his accounts. He’s also teamed up with a number of brands and influencers to create viral content, helping them skyrocket their follower counts and sales. Thanks to his early success, he is now able to dispense advice to others who are struggling to get off the ground on Instagram.

How Cole Got Started

Cole was 14 when he got into the Instagram game. While in 8th grade, he managed to gain around 40,000 followers on Instagram. Not that long after that, he successfully sold one of his viral Instagram pages to a friend. This was when his eyes were opened to the true power of Instagram, at least as far as it was a way to make money. Ever since then, he has been growing, buying, and selling IG accounts. It’s almost become something he could do in his sleep.

Due to his ability to generate incredible growth for any Instagram page, along with his connections to others in his industry, he was able to get virtually any service he could possibly need to catapult into further success. He also uses all of the knowledge and connections he has to help out his clients and partners to achieve greater success on Instagram as well.

It’s not every day that a 14-year-old reaches 40K followers on Instagram and makes $30K within the first four months of starting up a new account, yet Cole has achieved that level of success. Today, with 3 million followers and counting, his meme pages are a testament to just how well he understands the Instagram algorithm and what content appeals to people.

Instagram has no doubt become an incredibly crowded landscape. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get started right now and achieve the kind of success that Cole has. In fact, he can show you how! Cole is dedicated to helping other brands and influencers get off the ground and use Instagram to reach new heights when it comes to success.

If you think that you could use some help expanding your audience and engagement rates on Instagram, DM Cole today on his Instagram page.

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