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Darren Herft Discusses How Innovation Can Become A Solution To Current Fiscal Policy Measures And Its Critical Importance During a Global Pandemic

The word Innovation dates back to the 16th century, but fast forward to five centuries later to the 21st century, and its meaning has evolved.

At least, Australian businessman, Darren Herft thinks so.

Darren Herft, whose academic achievements include the study of business, with a major in accounting, has a strong financial background and an attribute for leadership, to support his perspective on Innovation during a global pandemic.

Herft says that “Innovation is key. I think at times like today, that countries around the world need to invest more heavily in innovation, they need to provide more stimulus, not perhaps solely to individuals, but to companies to innovate.”

Herft has a mindset on how this can be accomplished. It’s all about integration. It’s taking technology and expanding its role, while developing new and improved alternatives on existing technology. Thus Improving the process. Thinking outside of the box. It’s all about generating new ideas, and creating a new way of doing things. It’s integrating diverse innovation categories so as to bring about advancement toward a better life and a brighter future while coping with the current global predicament, one innovative step at a time.

Herft goes on to say that: “we can provide people out of employment with unemployment benefits, for example, let’s just say $3,000 US dollars per month, we could provide on a mass basis, large volumes of people with $3,000 per month for unemployment benefits.

But there is a way for us to look to innovate, and provide companies with grants to pay those same individuals, the $3,000 per month, or $4,000 per month, you’re now providing the same type of monetary funding in this individual example, to individuals, but you’re doing it via companies that are creating new sources of revenue, new jobs, new innovation, new technology, and the ability to create new value.”

This is an effective example by Herft of taking an existing method of addressing the unemployment problem in a totally different and innovative direction.

His approach provides the stimulus that he refers to in his opening remarks, to not only the affected individuals, but also for the companies involved, and the governments who implement these grants, thus creating a positive outcome as a whole by simply integrating various persons, organizations, technologies and ideas.

This is the innovation strategy that Herft believes in, a strategy that requires action, but an action that will prove to be most beneficial in these uncertain times.

But Herft also brings a dose of reality to his belief system by going on to say that: “not every project or company or corporation or idea or innovation will work. We have to accept that as a consequence of innovating. That’s what innovation is about.”

“By integrating various sectors of industry via government intervention for the people, it is not only providing people with a sense of purpose, but also a sense of hope”.

Darren Herft, an entrepreneur with a vision, is all about innovation and hope amidst a global crisis.

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