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The Inspiration Within the Trio of Un!dentified

For a successful rap trio Un!dentified, music has been a pathway for many. Their music has reached wide audiences, and behind their successful songs and projects lies an immense amount of inspiration.

Justin Dosanjh, Harman Sandhu, and Sukhan Sandh find a lot of inspiration from telling the stories of their own lives – especially for the time we are living through now. Storytelling through songwriting is tough for most, but for Un!dentified, it’s not a problem. Putting your emotions and thoughts into the words you lay over a track is such an art. Outside of their own lives; they find a lot of inspiration through the events that have led them to where they are now. Pitfalls and heartaches leave them a lot to write about, as well as the success they’ve gained. 

The overall mission for their songs, lyrics, and beats is to tell a story to their listener. The group aims to keep their audience interested as they take them through an experience from each member of the group. For them, the words they speak carry so much weight and are very important. Be sure to tune into their work and listen closely.

You can view their official website here as well as listen to their most recent releases on Spotify here

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