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King Nasir Takes A Step Back from Business to Become an Artist

King Nasir in the last few years has become a popular name amongst the entertainment industry. He has founded companies and clothing lines but now steps onto a different path. A path that would lead him on stage, one day performing for millions. The path of an artist.

Based out of New York, King Nasir has dominated the entertainment scene for a while now, always putting music in the back of his mind. While in the back, the thought of becoming an artist has always been there and has now recently come into fruition. With his debut release called “Viral” in October, the news is out about the entrepreneur switching from a money man to a music heart throb.

Although Nasir now has a music career to uphold, it is clear he won’t be neglecting his love for business completely. He has been seen still working on his clothing brand and has new plans and designs in the work for 2021. Strategically, King Nasir will be using his business to promote his music and vice versa.

Taking on two opportunities at once could be hard for some, but by the looks of it, King Nasir has it under control. Now with his debut release in the books, it will be time for the potential New York City start to use his tools to become the city’s hottest name.

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