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New horror audio drama “Wandering with the Dead” starring Brian Stivale making waves in Halloween season

Wandering with the Dead” is a horror audio drama podcast series which tells the devilish tale of a bounty hunter and his creepy experiences in the wild west.

(Boston, MA, October 29, 2020) – Great news for those looking for some at-home Halloween entertainment this time. Boston-based rising filmmaker/storyteller, Cody Signore, has come up with a new horror audio drama podcast that features cutting-edge sound effects and an expert voice cast led by star MARVEL voice-artist Brian Stivale. Titled “Wandering with the Dead ”, the podcast series has just released the first episode (Mama and the Animals) of the first season amid rave reviews.

Wandering with the Dead succeeds on so many fronts it’s honestly amazing. The ambient sounds used here do an incredible job of allowing you to feel like you’re there, riding along with these well crafted and deep characters. The voice acting is top notch, each voice distinct enough to know who is who immediately, without becoming a caricature of a real person.”Podcast Revived

I’m new to the audiobook world, and this was a great place to start! Loved the character and the journey that’s been kicked off in this first episode. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a mystery. The main character and those he meets are enigmatic yet full of life. Can’t wait to learn more about them… and about who is in the bag!”Alyssa Rivera, Filmmaker

“We are excited to bring to you the first episode of our latest horror audio podcast this month. It feels great to see that our audience has appreciated our hard work and it’s their love that motivates us to keep going”, stated Cody Signore.

“Halloween will be different this time given the COVID-19 social distancing norms. But that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the fun – our new audio drama podcast has been launched just in time to ensure you get your dose of devilish fun even when you can’t go out this Halloween. We have a brilliant star cast here led by none other than Brian Stivale who knows how to bring the character Christian alive even without the visuals.”

Wandering with the Dead” is themed on the old weird tales of the Wild West world. The audio drama revolves around a bounty hunter named Christian who is carrying a dead body across the wild west. He is desperately trying to cash in on it before it reduces to nothing. The audio podcast is going to be a 3-episode season, with possibly more to come.

“If our audience takes to the project, we are happy to continue to tell the story. There is a lot of story we’re looking forward to telling”, Signore added.

The first episode is titled “Mama and the Animals”. The episode introduces Christian to the listeners and narrates how the bounty hunter finds himself amid a deranged group that becomes fixated on his dead prize.

The second episode is titled “…And Hell Followed Him” while the 3rd episode has been titled “Oil on Canvas”. Each episode will revolve round a strange new story of Christian’ journey.

(In Frame: Cody Signore)

Per the statements of the storyteller, “Wandering with the Dead” is like “The Odyssey” meets “The Old Man and the Sea” meets “The Shining”.

“What separates ‘Wandering with the Dead’ from other regular podcasts is its state-of-the-art audio design and mixing. We aimed to create something that felt just like a film but without the visuals to accompany it. Through the depth and layering – we really wanted it to transport someone into the old weird world of the wild west where you have creepy folks and events waiting for you at every corner. We sincerely hope you will love our work and we believe our new podcast will be able to make your Halloween an unforgettable experience.”

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