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Enrich Financial Receives Thank You Letter And Recognition From Mr. Ben Bernanke

Enrich Financial office of credit repair specialists by Arian Eghbali gets recognized by former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.

November 25, 2015. Enrich Financial office of Credit Repair Specialist led by Arian Eghbali has recently received a letter and a recognition from former Fed Chairman and American economist at the Brookings Institution, Ben Bernanke. The letter serves as an appreciation for the company’s achievements in the field of credit repair as well as its ability to provide outstanding service to its customers.

Receiving recognition from Ben Bernanke is truly a great honor for Enrich Financial. This is evidence that the credit repair specialist is doing a great job in helping members of the community achieve financial stability and freedom from debt through their special credit repair programs. This letter also serves as an inspiration for founder Arian Eghbali and his team at Enrich Financial to carry on in their tireless efforts to help their clients. Their multi-faceted programs for wealth management has made a lot of difference in the lives of countless clients over the years and continues to do so one client at a time.

Enrich Financial uses a unique approach to help clients in need of credit repair. Their strategy centers on client education on the different aspects of managing healthy finances. The team uses their years of experience in walking clients through ways to increase their cash flow, smart practices to get out of debt, strategies on how to create an emergency fund, building savings and retaining their properties or estates. This is a continuous process that assists clients until they are able to avoid bankruptcy, manage late payments, get out of bad debt and overcome all the possible obstacles to achieve good credit.

From a small credit management company to one of the leading Tarzana wealth management firms, Enrich Financial has expanded its service to handle areas such as long term wealth management, 401k rollovers, debt collection, judgment collections, fixed annuity, real estate, loan and mortgage modification and investment management to name a few.

Aside from the letter and recognition that Enrich Financial has received from Ben Bernanke, the firm also received appreciation from other political and community figures such as Congressman Brad Sherman, California Legislature Assembly’s Matt Dadabneh and from the West Valley-Warner Center Chamber of Commerce.

Enrich Financial offers experienced, professional and straightforward approach to credit repair. Here is a short review from one of its clients taken from Enrich Financial site, “After doing my research online I finally decided that I am going to use Enrich Financial, and guess what! I was not disappointed. Their customer service was really great and showed me the highest respect. After about four (4) and a half months my credit score went up by about 90 points! I so happy and satisfied with their service. I highly recommend Arian and His company (Enrich Financial). Best of luck!” From Howard Rogers.

More information about Enrich Financial may be found at .


Enrich Financial is a credit repair firm founded by Arian Eghbali to deliver sound, professional credit repair services for customers that are faced with financial trouble. Serving Tarzana, CA for many fruitful years, it is a proud member of the Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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