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Busy Grind Help Ernesto Gaita Make Big Waves in the Music Game

Ernesto Gaita is a busy man doing big things in his life. He works around the clock at his craft to provide his fans with thought-provoking sounds and rhythms. Gaita is a lo-fi specialist from Toronto, Ontario. His average day is filled with work, but his reward is time in the studio.

“Well, I wear boots. Brown leather specifically,” Gaita said when asked what a day inside his shoes looked like. He then broke down what his daily grind entailed. A busy 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. day is filled with handling clients and networking. However, it is always followed up with a trip to the studio. “By about 8 at night, my business day is done, and I try and head to the studio as much as I can and start mixing,” he comments. The long nights that Gaita has spent in the studio is part of the reason why he is so excited about his latest upcoming release.

As of now, Gaita is set to drop in the spring of 2021. The project will be a lo-fi mix compiled of ten hours worth of music that will ease your mind. Mindfulness On Repeat is the title of the project. “I wanted to create something that will help anyone be elevated yet calm to a place to find clarity,” Gaita said.

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