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Anthony Sorella is the Toronto DJ Making Music for the End of the Party

“I don’t know if I think in ‘takeaways’, but I want my music to keep the party going in a chill way.” Anthony Sorella has spent years as an entrepreneur in the City of Toronto, working as a promoter in the city’s clubs and founding marketing firms, as well. Now, he is working as his own boss in a different career field as an unsigned production artist. With three singles under his belt, Sorella is prepping his debut album, P4r7y D0nt St4hp.

Raised in the city of Toronto, Sorella made the decision to pursue a career for himself rather than attend a university. “[My parents] were so scared for me, and I love my parents. It hurt to see them so stressed, but it was also a blessing because it held me super accountable for my actions,” recalled Sorella. Working in the nightlife scene of Toronto, he began coming across a certain type of person over and over again. “Afterhours rock stars. The people who are constantly looking for a party even after the clubs close and it’s four in the morning with the sun coming up. I love those people.” Sorella drew so much inspiration from these people, thar he has funnelled it into his music and created an aesthetic that is perfect for keeping energy high, even after the clubs have closed.

Inspired by these “afterhours rock stars” so much, Sorella’s debut album is catered just for them. P4r7y D0nt St4hp is due out on New Years Day, 2021, and will be the perfect soundtrack to bring in the new year. It incorporates all the best beats from your nightlife DJ, but at a more relaxed level so you can start to wind down without ending the party.

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