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M.I.L.F.’s in Goldy’s Corner

This article is dedicated to the moms out there in the world – you are raising your children in strange times and doing an incredible job. RECOGNIZE! You go, girls!


I remember wondering what that acronym even meant. I’d heard it so many times but admit I had to do the Urban Dictionary gimmick and secretly look it up! Don’t act like you’ve never Googled some emoji wondering if the person in the next cubical was either getting ready to cook you a mean Eggplant Parm or getting reported to HR. 

If you haven’t been living under a rock you know what a MILF is. Nowadays it can apply to really any female of childbearing years (or even after that LOL). You don’t even have to be an actual mom to fall into this category of somebody who is desirable. I know I’m not a parent but still get the occasional title slipping into my “DMs.”

So many men write to me saying they are lonely, that they can’t meet anybody. Guys don’t know where to look, and they don’t even know where to start.

Enter, the MILF. This is a wake-up call to REMIND all my gentleman readers that there are MANY beautiful women out there who are MOTHERS who are looking for love too. They are phenomenal listeners, nurturers, hard-working, do their best to keep a tidy house, and probably pretty great in the sack! Don’t just swipe left because you have issues with responsibility.

Enter, Gina Kegel. Mind you, Gina is a happily married mom, so don’t get any ideas. She is also a parent who is a best-selling author with a book YOU can use to make a love connection. This is better than borrowing your buddy’s canine for a walk at the dog park bro. So escucha. 

You see, scoring an awesome chick isn’t as difficult as you think – it’s keeping them around that you need to work on bros. Women are the most spectacular and beautiful creatures that roam the earth. It’s time you start learning a little bit more about them, how to find them, and what to DO with them once they give you a second look. 

Gina wrote a book about the power of a yawn. It’s about a young boy who is getting ready to fall asleep when the breath from his gaping jaw escapes and flies out the window. As it cruises through the night sky, it puts everyone it flies over to sleep. It’s beautifully written, exquisitely illustrated with cute baby animals, and did I mention it’s a bestseller?

This book is a no brainer and a home run for many reasons. It’s an amazing price point, and giving it to that woman you have your eye on to help get her little one to sleep maybe the best value yet: not only will it be her child’s favorite, but you’ll also be showing her that you care about what she needs.

How do you think that single mom in accounting with a six-year-old would respond if you wrapped that book up all pretty and left it on her desk with a nice note? Or maybe that mother who you see at the gym. Hit her up on her way OUT of the club (don’t be a creep while she’s working out). Tell her you saw this and thought she may have an easier time getting her kid to bed using this tremendous tool? Give it and dash. Actions speak louder than words.

Men think women are so hard to understand. Maybe we are but chances are, you haven’t even tried. Many of you understand beer, sports, buffalo wings, and remote controls but women respond to the THOUGHT sometimes more than the actual gift. And if your lady friend is all about the Benjamins, then I suggest and quote Iron Maiden and “Run To The Hills” cause you don’t need that.

Order the book. Try my experiment. Open your mind and heart to new ways of doing things. If you’re lonely and never been in love, it’s time to dig deep and figure out why. If you’re always going for the wrong chick with daddy issues or you’re the girl forever falling for the “bad boy,” you can reprogram that. Better yet, find out why Gina Kegel is always “write.” The same author of “The One That Makes Me Yawn” is a freelance writer, with a business called Gina is Write. She also has a regular column, “The Journey-Centered Life,” with the Los Angeles Tribune. Does this lady ever sleep? She is also an amazing Energy Healing Transformation Coach, with her business Free to Flourish Energy Healing. This gifted writer offers healing and coaching sessions to people all around the world.

You can learn more about working with Gina for energy healing at Visit her site to connect with her many transformational activities that can change your life.

You can hear my whole interview where you listen to podcasts ( listen to the audio episode free on iTunesGoogle PlaySpotify, and iHeartRadio) on Goldy’s Closet Episode #86. Here is a link to one platform on Spotify, Or tune in and watch subscribing to

Watch the Insta Promo here from the interview!

Gina does an amazing job understanding what people need and giving them the tools to thrive, whether it’s with her book, her column, her content creation, or her healing sessions. Whether you’re ready to honor the MILF you know or release some of your own baggage, contact Gina today.

She may not be able to erase your past, but she will definitely help restore and renew YOU.

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    Its such as you learn my mind! You seem to grasp so much about this, such as you wrote the book in it or something. I feel that you just can do with a few p.c. to force the message house a bit, however other than that, that is magnificent blog. A fantastic read. I will certainly be back.

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