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Vacation Tonight, founded by (LaMichael Harris) a native of Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the most respected and prestigious Black-owned travel agencies in Louisville.

Starting as a small company, Vacation Tonight was established and became a registered Travel agency. With so many challenges and difficulties in the travel industry, Vacation Tonight kept pushing. Many competitors in the industry made it seem challenging initially, but that didn’t stop the drive. Today, the black-owned travel agency sends more than 20,000 families on vacation for less than $100.

The founder’s motivation and inspiration always came from Jay-Z interviews, and a random video he came across on Youtube of P.Diddy and Rick Ross stating “It’s hard to be good, so imagine being great. We are striving for greatness.” These words have always kept him and his company running, even though the hard times.

Vacation Tonight has always been dedicated to customer satisfaction. Right from the onset, clients have always been their topmost priority. Hard work and determination have driven the company to where it is today, ensuring that clients get the best experience they deserve. With a focus on helping the public travel to places around the world at a cheaper rate with maximum comfort, Vacation Tonight keeps improving its services.

Initially, the travel agency started with Las Vegas, Orlando, Myrtle, and Gatlinburg but continued to expand and extend its services to many other countries as time went on. With broad experience and expertise in dealing with customer queries and complaints, providing advice about visas or passports, recruiting, training and supervising staff, managing budgets, maintaining statistical and financial records, planning, and making holidays the best experience for clients, Vacation Tonight have successfully put more than 20,000 people on vacation to major countries and cities such as Dubai, Japan, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Miami, France, Greece, California, Mexico , and many others.

Amazingly, Vacation Tonight offers one of the cheapest opportunities to clients. With as low as $100, many clients reach their desired city on vacation. Clients always appreciate the rare chance that this travel agency brings to make their vacation possible at such an affordable price.

The company has conveniently beaten many of its competitors that offer their services at $500-$3,000. Clients and prospective clients get enthralled by the height of this Black-owned travel agency’s dependability even when it offers the best prices in the industry.

Amidst all the various economic issues, including the recent protests and the on-going pandemic that could be frustrating and draining, one excellent way to ease off all the tension is by taking a break; a vacation might be perfect. The agency makes clients’ vacation a lovely experience with as low as $100

The agency allows its clients to choose from 4-8 Hotels/resorts planned in each location. Clients also have up to 24 months to use their trip due to the Covid-19 pandemic – much better than other traveling agencies that make it mandatory to travel when scheduled.

Over the years, Vacation Tonight has gained its clients’ trust, which has built confidence in its services as one of the best travel agencies in the area. The company has undoubtedly changed the lives of many clients and is still committed to improving many more. Even with lesser earnings, Vacation tonight has handled clients’ traveling for as low as $100 for a week, a great opportunity no one would imagine.

For more information, please contact Vacation Tonight on Facebook @Vacation Tonight at a staff or team member will assist you, or,

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