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INVIZION harnesses blockchain to track and turn waste into renewable energy

INVIZION made history recently as the first blockchain company to be presented at the United Nations Global Compact, a global event organized by the United Nations General Assembly on 22 September 2020. 

INVIZION, a technology company that aims to address the global waste problem through their revolutionary waste tracking blockchain-based solutions, has announced that it is conducting a second public sale of its NVZN tokens on 29 October 2020 on VinDAX exchange, a centralized exchange based in Vietnam featuring trading and data analytics, trading bot functionality, and integrated trade signaling for entries and exits.

The sale price of NVZN token will be offered to buyers at 0.90 USDT. It will start at 12 PM UTC on 29 October 2020 and will end at  12 PM UTC on 30 October 2020. INVIZION offers an additional 35% worth of bonuses to delight its buyers.

The success of the public sale will permit INVIZION to kickstart its initiative which combines blockchain technology, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. NVZN tokens are multi-functional digital assets with two primary functions. The first is funding green energy projects, such as green energy farms, waste-to-energy stations and more. Secondly, the 90% of the funds raised through the NVZN token will fund other green energy projects utilizing the power of technology to turn our planet into a cleaner and greener place.

All phases of the life cycle of waste will be tracked with the use of the NVZN token. It will be used to give a batch of waste a certificate of origin and place it on a blockchain. Whenever the tracked waste is transported or processed, the smart contract is updated, until the final moment when the waste is 100% reused. Eco-Villages leave nothing behind, there are no byproducts that could be harmful to the environment, and everything is reused.

“As waste continues to fill lands, oceans, and rivers, our goal is to encourage everyone to start looking at a circular economy rather than a linear one. Only by building strategic partnerships and projects in an open and transparent way can change actually happen. Invizion fully supports this mentality of honesty and integrity through transparency,” Russell Lema, INVIZION Co-founder explained.  

The NVZN token will power Eco-Villages, closed loop systems that manage the waste and emit no harmful byproductsINVIZION will provide these Eco-Villages with an untamperable, bullet-proof and fully auditable method of tracking waste in these systems, and INVIZION’s partner CETS Technologies will be responsible for collecting waste with electric trucks and turning it into reusable materials and green energy in a patented process that leaves no harmful by products.

“The INVIZION team believes going from waste to renewable energy, will renew & restore life in areas people thought were dead, but were only just thrown away and forgotten. Now restoration can and will happen. Envisioning a simpler, cleaner & better future. INVIZION’s idea focuses on blockchain’s ability to give unbreakable lifecycle tracking of waste” Daryl Taylor, INVIZION Chief Executive Officer said.


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