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Career Reinvention After a Layoff!

By, Renita Hunt,

As postings of more corporate layoffs continue to come down the pipe. It made me think about the time I was laid off and how different my life is right now. I wish I had all the tools, tips, and insights I have now to help me navigate through the process. For the past 8 years I have helped hundreds of women every year navigating career reinvention as an Executive Brand Consultant and my position as President of Dress for Success Greater Orlando. I want to share 5 tips to help you start the career reinvention process!

1- Give yourself permission to grieve. You are with your coworkers more than you are with your family through the week. So the sudden loss of that relationship is like a death. Of course, you will still get coffee with those who you have close relationship with, but the reality is the relationship may be over. To help navigate through this process, be sure to connect with all your coworkers on LinkedIn so that you stay connected. Who knows you may work together again very soon!

2- Put your reinvention council together. You have to have a strong network of people around you to help you turn your situation around. Write a list of 5 people and/or professional organizations who can help you navigate to your new career. Your mom and best friend love you but you will need additional arms and legs to get through this stage. That’s why connecting with an organization like Dress for Success for not only an updated career look but also for the latest in job search tips and a network of support. Connecting with an organization gives you an instant network to help you.

3- Help someone. During your time of transition, it always feels like you should retreat and feel sorry for yourself. This is the time to think of 5 ways you could help someone or a nonprofit organization with your skills or learn new skills to help with your career reinvention. Through my over 15 years of volunteering with several organizations, I learned that you showcase more by volunteering than by any internship or interview. The added bonus is that you are also helping someone at the same time.

4- Read. After a traumatic event like a layoff it’s good to take a mental break. Although during a pandemic, a vacation may not be in order. Reading a book is like a vacation for your mind. It gives you time to rest your mind from the day to day. It also gives you the opportunity to learn the latest information to take you to the next level.

5-Learn. We truly live in the best time to want to learn anything. You can do everything from getting a Harvard degree to learning how to make movies all online. During this pandemic, the prices have come down for you to take advantage of many learning opportunities online. Also look at nonprofits and professional organizations in your area that may be hosting webinars to help you as well.

I wish you success! The big thing is to take action and connect to help navigate yourself to your new you.Stay in contact with me by going to my website: and get a free download to a career reinvention checklist. Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram @socialnita or on Linkedin @RenitaSHunt.

About Renita Hunt: Renita Hunt is a career reinvention coach, empowerment speaker, influencer, and marketing communications executive.  Renita’s robust corporate career has shaped her leadership expertise including being media mogul Ted Turner’s personal receptionist and working with such brands as:Home Depot, Ford, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s just to name a few. Renita is extremely passionate about giving back, women empowerment, diversity and inclusion.Renita Hunt is currently the Executive Director of Dress for Success Greater Orlando. She holds an MBA from University of Phoenix , a BA in Public Relations from Clark Atlanta University, and a Digital Marketing Diploma from Shaw Academy.

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