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RUNNER-19, A Mobile Game About Social Distancing

The Coronavirus has shocked the world this past year, making many of us change our entire lives. Children had to learn to go to school online, many businesses closed, parents had to start working from home or lost their jobs entirely, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

Well, there is an end in sight, but it requires cooperation among the general population. Unfortunately, the general population isn’t very cooperative and isn’t practicing the courtesy of wearing masks or practicing social distancing. It’s frustrating seeing people around the world continue to die from an entirely preventable virus that many aren’t doing enough to prevent.

Social distancing is essential. Viruses can only travel so far as droplets even from talking. Once they’re inhaled into the lungs, the virus begins to take hold and ravage the body. Unfortunately, even with signs everywhere in stores asking people to keep their distance, some want to act like the virus doesn’t exist and go about their daily lives, possibly making things worse for society as a whole.

Fortunately, there’s a game that helps promote, not just social distancing, but wearing a mask too. Masks prevent larger droplets from entering the air around you. They might not stop COVID-19 entirely, but why not wear them to reduce the risk. Seatbelts reduce the risk of dying in a fiery car crash, but that doesn’t mean they can save someone entirely. With some people’s mindsets, they believe it’s all-or-nothing with masks. Just do it.

That’s why playing RUNNING-19 is a clean and fun little game to help promote social distancing and wearing masks. Not only will this endless runner drive the point into people’s heads, but it will also keep them so preoccupied they might not go out at all. There’s no harm in trying it today.

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