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Ronnie Gauthier: Former Psychologist Excelling in Her New Field

It took Ronnie Gauthier some time to find her true calling. After years spent in pursuit of a master’s degree in psychology, a few hardships in her life led her to the world of finance & entrepreneurship. Now, Ronnie and her husband, Jay Gauthier, lead a successful leadership development and agent training firm in the United States. Whether or not it was her initial plan, Gauthier has found the perfect fit for her, and the results speak for themselves.

“I know not everyone would enjoy, or can, work with their spouse. But for us, it makes sense, and we work so well together,” Ronnie shared. “We help each other grow and, it’s very rewarding being able to accomplish our goals together.” The Gauthiers have aided over 150 hopeful agents nationwide, all while helping their everyday clients with their finances. “I don’t think I would love what I do if it were only about my goals and my bank account. I have seen so much growth from the people I work with – not only in their business lives, but in their personal lives as well,” Ronnie said. The next step for the couple is to expand their network of agents to 300 in the coming years.

The journey has not been about the money for Ronnie Gauthier, though. Rather, she relishes in and looks fondly on the personal growth her career choice has allowed for her and the growth she is able to help her clients reach. “You may not be able to measure it, and you won’t always see it in your bank account, but you will be happy with yourself and that is an amazing foundation for any life that you hope to build.” Ronnie Gauthier’s story is an example that it’s never too late to realize your dreams and pursue them – just as long as you are willing to put in the work.

Not only does Ronnie Gauthier work tirelessly to train and educate her clients, she also has become a motivator for aspiring entrepreneurs through her Instagram. Her biggest piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: always keep working, even when you do not feel the energy or want to. “In the beginning, it will feel like you are making very little progress but after a while, your efforts will compound, and you will see the results of all those years of work.”

You can check out Ronnie’s personal Instagram here.

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